Things to do in Pirenópolis
Things to do in Pirenópolis

Things to do in Pirenópolis – The best sightseeing Tours

Discover the charm of Pirenópolis, a historical gem hidden in the heart of Goiás. Named after the majestic Serra dos Pirineus, this small town preserves its original architecture and centuries-old traditions.

Designated as a national heritage site by IPHAN – Instituto do Patrimônio Histórico e Artístico Nacional (National Institute of Historical and Artistic Heritage) , Pirenópolis offers much more than just a journey into the past. With its stunning waterfalls and lush landscapes of the cerrado, nature lovers will find paradise here. Located just 130 km ( 80 miles) from Goiânia and 150 km ( 93 miles) from Brasília, Pirenópolis is a charming refuge that blends history, gastronomy, and outdoor adventures. Get ready to explore the wonders of this amazing city!

Things to do in Pirenópolis – The best sightseeing Tours

Walk through the historic center

Walk through the historic center.
Walk through the historic center. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Explore the charming Historic Center of Pirenópolis and immerse yourself in the history and culture of this fascinating town. The cobblestone streets invite you to stroll through ancient mansions and centuries-old churches. Start at the Igreja Matriz de Nossa Senhora do Rosário, where you can enjoy a stunning view of the city.

Be sure to also visit the Cine Pireneus, the Museum of the Divine and the church and Museum of Sacred Art Nossa Senhora do Carmo.

Waterfalls in Pirenópolis

Discover the exuberant beauty of the waterfalls in Pirenópolis, an unmissable experience in the middle of nature. With more than eighty cataloged waterfalls, many have tourist infrastructure, facilitating access for the whole family. Without the need for long trails, some even have paved paths.

Among the favorites of Pirenópolis are the Abade waterfall, Lazaro waterfall, Santa Maria waterfall, Rosario waterfall, Bonsucesso waterfalls, Paraíso waterfall complex, Lobo waterfall and The Dragon waterfalls. Enjoy these natural treasures with paid admission and hassle-free access.

Abade Waterfall

Abade Waterfall in Pirenópolis.
Abade Waterfall. Photo: Disclosure.

Enjoy an enchanting setting at Cachoeira do Abade, a historical and natural treasure in Pirenópolis. In addition to its stunning beauty, this waterfall was a former gold mine of the XVIII century.located in the Abbot’s Reserve, you can explore trails, lookouts, cross suspension bridges and dive into natural pools teeming with fish.

Entrance to the Reserve is paid. To get there, follow the Parque dos Pireneus Highway from the center of Pirenópolis and take a detour to the right, indicated by a sign, which leads to the dirt road that leads to the Reserve.

Lázaro Waterfall

Lázaro Waterfall in Pirenópolis.
Lázaro Waterfall. Photo: Francisco Aragão – Flickr

Enjoy the Serenity Of The Lazarus waterfall, a perfect option for those looking for a dip in shallower waters. Approximately 1.50 meters deep, this natural charm offers a stunning waterfall and large stones around the well, providing perfect places to sit or lie down and relax.

Entrance to the waterfall is paid. To get there, go approximately 12 km from the center of Pirenópolis, in the Vargem Grande Ecological Reserve. Start from the Pyrenees Park Highway and follow a dirt road to the Reserve’s headquarters, being careful of potholes along the way.

Santa Maria Waterfall

Cachoeira Santa Maria em Pirenópolis
Santa Maria Waterfall. Photo: Andre Irm / Wikimedia Commons

Enjoy moments of tranquility and fun at Cachoeira Santa Maria, a perfect destination to relax and enjoy a full day of pleasure. With a wide well and a strip of sand around it, it is the ideal place to relax.

It is necessary to pay a fee to visit the Santa Maria waterfall. To get there, go 12 km (7 miles) from the city center, to the Vargem Grande Ecological Reserve.

Rosário Waterfall

Cachoeira do Rosário.
Rosário Waterfall. Photo: Disclosure.

Discover the majestic Rosario waterfall, with a 42-meter waterfall, crystal clear waters and rich fauna and flora around. Natural pools and grottoes also enchant. There is a regional restaurant onsite. The circular trail passes by the spring and allows you to fill the bottle with fresh water.

Entrance is paid. To get there, follow the same road as Cachoeira das Araras, Park at the property and follow a small trail of 350 meters to the waterfall. Around 36 km (22 miles) from the center of Pirenópolis.

Waterfalls Bonsucesso

Bonsucesso Waterfalls in Pirenópolis.
Bonsucesso Waterfalls. Photo: Disclosure.

Discover the enchanting Bonsucesso Waterfalls, where the trail takes visitors on a journey into the universe of the Old Farms of the interior of Goiás and the era of gold exploration. As you arrive at this beautiful waterfall, you will pass an estate full of animals, historic eighteenth-century roads and a rural atmosphere. The tourist complex also offers a regional Restaurant, Snack Bar, souvenir shops and horse riding.

Fazenda Bonsucesso is located just 4.5 km ( 2,7 miles) from the center of Pirenópolis, making it a great option for a walk near the city.

Paradise Waterfall Complex

Cachoeira Paraíso.
Paradise Waterfall. Photo: Disclosure.

Discover the wonders of the Paraíso waterfall complex, where you will find the stunning Paraíso waterfall and Lobo waterfall. The place has an excellent infrastructure, with a restaurant, hammock, camping area and even a heated pool. Paraíso waterfall enchants with its deep well and icy waters, while Lobo waterfall offers an amazing look with a small canyon.

Easy access by the GO-338, about 35 km ( 21 miles) from the center of Pirenópolis. Venture into this natural paradise!

Dragons’ Waterfalls

Cachoeiras dos Dragões em Pirenópolis.
Dragons’ Waterfalls. Photo: Disclosure.

Discover the serenity and beauty of the Dragon waterfalls, a true refuge in Pirenópolis. Located inside the Eisho-Ji Zen Monastery, these waterfalls delight visitors with their peace and tranquility. When visiting the site, it is important to respect the silence so as not to interfere with the meditation of the monks. Here, you will enjoy the connection with nature, listening only to the sound of the eight waterfalls and the singing of birds.

Pirineus Mountains State Park

Pireneus Mountains.
Pireneus Mountains. Photo: Danilo Rogério

Discover the beauty of the Serra dos Pirineus State Park, located just 20 km from Pirenópolis. This impressive area is home to high-altitude rock formations and springs. The sunset at the peak of the Pyrenees, the highest point in the region with 1385 meters (4543 feet) of altitude, is an unmissable spectacle. Enjoy hiking trails, waterfalls, viewpoints and outdoor activities, amidst a quiet atmosphere and direct contact with nature.

Admission to the park is free, providing access to this unique experience.

Vagafogo Wildlife Sanctuary

Santuário de Vida Silvestre Vagafogo.

Discover the charming Vagafogo Wildlife Sanctuary, a private reserve near Pirenópolis. With educational and immersive tours, it is ideal for an enriching experience. The 1500-meter trail allows you to observe fauna and flora, bathe in natural pools and enjoy waterfalls. The self-guided route offers information about the vegetation.

In addition, the sanctuary offers a brunch of great quality and variety. An unforgettable visit to enjoy nature and enjoy gastronomic delights.

Avalon Refuge

Refúgio Avalon.
Avalon Refuge. Photo: Disclosure.

Discover the charming Avalon Refuge, an ecotourism destination in Pirenópolis. Located on the banks of the Rio Das Almas, it offers unique sensory experiences in nature, with trails, waterfall, sensory garden with more than 100 species of medicinal plants, redário and craft workshops. Revitalize yourself with plant culture and enjoy outdoor activities.

Entrance is paid. Access by the Parque dos Pireneus Highway, after Pousada da Mata, by a dirt road.

Babilônia Farm

Fazenda Babilônia em Pirenópolis.
Babilônia Farm. Photo: Disclosure.

Explore the historic Fazenda Babilônia, a colonial property built by slaves in the eighteenth century and listed by the Iphan (National Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute) . Enjoy the visit for only R$22 or opt for an incredible colonial Cafe with delicacies of the time for R$ 78 per person.

The main house of the farm is well preserved and cared for, testifying to its importance as one of the largest mills in Brazil. With over 200 years of history, Babilônia Farm is a national treasure.

Balloon Flight in Pirenópolis

Voo de balão em Pirenópolis.
Balloon flight in Pirenópolis. Photo: Nelson Pacheco.

Enjoy a unique experience in Pirenópolis with an exciting balloon flight, reaching heights of up to 1000 meters. Although the thrill in the belly is inevitable, the approximately 45-minute ride is safe and quiet, providing a prime view of the entire region from above. Flights take place at sunrise, depending on favorable weather conditions. The minimum age is three years, and children up to 10 years old pay half the amount.

Gastronomy and nightlife in Pirenópolis

Vida noturna em Pirenópolis.
Nightlife in Pirenópolis. Photo: Disclosure.

Enjoy the vibrant nightlife and delicious cuisine of Pirenópolis during your visit, which offers a variety of restaurants that will satisfy your palate. From cozy eateries serving regional dishes to upscale restaurants with international options. Be sure to try the famous ‘empadão’ and the traditional ‘panelinha’, a typical dish made with rice and other delicacies.

On weekends, the city comes alive with bustling streets, packed restaurants, and lively bars. Enjoy live music, outdoor seating on Leisure Street, and savor locally produced craft beers and wines.

How to Get to Pirenópolis

Pirenópolis is located 150 km ( 93 miles) from Brasília and 126 km ( 78 miles) from Goiânia. The most recommended option is to drive, ensuring comfort and flexibility. From Brasília, you can take the route via Águas Lindas or Abadiânia. For those coming from other states, the nearest airports are Brasília International and Goiânia Santa Genoveva. In both cases, you can continue by car or bus.

Traveling by Car

From Brasília, the route through Águas Lindas, Cocalzinho, and Corumbá is the most advised, covering about 150 km ( 93 miles) and taking approximately 2h10. The route via Abadiânia, though longer at 177 km ( 109 miles) , provides a quality road. From Goiânia, you can choose between routes BR-060 or GO-080, both passing through Anápolis. The distances are similar, about 128 km (79 miles), with an average duration of 1h50 to 2 hours.

If you plan to rent a car, RentCars is recommended as it makes it easier to find rental agencies, check availability and prices, and book directly through their website.

Traveling by Bus

Bus options from Brasília take about 3 hours, with departures in the morning and afternoon. From Goiás, there is only one departure per day, with an average journey time of 2 hours. Choose the most suitable option and enjoy a smooth trip to Pirenópolis.

To find available bus companies and book your ticket, click here.

When to Visit Pirenópolis

The best time to visit Pirenópolis, like any city in the Midwest of Brazil, is during the dry season, which runs from May to September. During these months, you can expect little rain, blue skies, and sunny days. Despite the cold, the waterfalls become even more stunning and crystal clear. In other months, it’s still possible to visit the city, but be aware that you will likely encounter rainy weather.

Where to stay in Pirenópolis

Explore the accommodation options for two in Pirenópolis available on, with prices for April 2024. It is important to note that both reviews and prices are subject to change.

Establishment NameDaily Rate (USD)Rating
Dormitorios Rosario308,7
Pouso Tião da Morena389,0
Pousada Pouso Vitoria469,2
Pouso do Rio508,2
CT Vila Raiza Goulão509,6
Pousada Morro do Frota648,6
Pousada Casa Zanotto1068,4
Casa de Frida Pousada Galeria849,8
Pousada Villa das Pedras958,1
Ecolounge Studios1009,4
Pousada Rancho do Ralf1248,8
Villa dos Pireneus1258,1
Águas Vivas Hotel Fazenda1268,2
Pousada Pouso do Sô Vigario889,0
Estrela D Alva Pousada909,0
Magia da Serra Casa Temporada20010
Casa Itamotinga1809,5
Recanto Nascer do Sol24010
Resort Quinta Santa Bárbara OFICIAL2808,8
Fazenda Araras Pirenópolis240
Solar dos Bougainvilles – Pirenópolis-GO1608,8
Casamatta Hostel349,6


Pirenópolis is a charming destination, featuring natural beauties, rich history, and leisure options for everyone. Waterfalls, cobblestone streets, and preserved colonial architecture offer unique experiences. Hot air balloon rides, hiking trails, and historic churches are some of the must-do activities. The diverse cuisine pleases everyone. Regardless of the season, Pirenópolis promises unforgettable moments.


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