As 10 melhores Praias do Pará
As 10 melhores Praias do Pará

The 10 Best Beaches in Pará

Amazon beaches

It is incredible how the state of Pará, located in the northern region of Brazil, stands out not only for its rich Amazonian biodiversity, but also for its paradisiacal beaches, many of which are still little known by Brazilians. The diversity of beaches that Pará offers is truly impressive, including freshwater, saltwater and brackish water beaches (a mixture of freshwater and saltwater).

It’s an invitation to explore and enjoy the natural wonders that Pará has to offer, with a variety of incredible beaches waiting to be discovered.

The 10 Best Beaches in Pará

1 – Praia do Amor Beach – Alter do Chão ( Santarém)

A Praia do Amor está entre as melhores Praias do Pará e uma das mais belas do BrasilLove Beach (Praia do Amor Beach). Photo: Disclosure

Praia do Amor is, without a doubt, one of the most stunning natural treasures in Pará and is among the most beautiful beaches in Brazil. Located in Alter do Chão, a district of Santarém, Praia do Amor is characterized by the presence of several restaurants that offer chairs and tables for their visitors on the banks of the Tapajós River. It is a perfect place to relax and enjoy the unique natural beauty of this region of the Amazon.

2 – Joanes Beach – Marajó – Salvaterra

Joanes Beach in the municipality of Salvaterra on Marajó Island.

Joanes Beach, located on Marajó Island, which is the largest fluvial-maritime archipelago in the world (surrounded by rivers on one side and the sea on the other), is truly one of the most important ecological settings in Brazil. This beautiful beach is located in a historic village, known for its tranquility, and offers a few restaurants serving delicious regional food. It is a charming place to enjoy the natural beauty and typical cuisine of the region.

3 – Pesqueiro Beach – Marajó ( Soure )

Praia do Pesqueiro em Soure.Pesqueiro Beach in the municipality of Soure on Marajó Island.

The extensive Praia do Pesqueiro on Marajó Island offers a variety of scenarios that change according to the tides, creating small natural pools in some areas. Its nature is truly exotic, standing out especially for the imposing mangrove trees that spread across the beach. Furthermore, this beach is ideal for cycling and exploring all the details of its rich nature. It is a destination that invites visitors to appreciate the unique beauty of this Marajoara region.

4 – Princesa Beach – Maiandeua Island

Princesa Beach in Algodoal.

The stunning Praia da Princesa is located in the village of Algodoal, which is part of Maiandeua Island. This island is bathed by the Atlantic Ocean and is part of an Environmental Protection Area. Although the village of Algodoal has a good infrastructure, with bars and inns, this in no way takes away the tranquility of those seeking peace and contact with nature. It is a truly enchanting place to enjoy the natural beauty and serenity of this region.

5 – Fortalezinha Beach – Maiandeua Beach

As melhores praias do Pará: Praia de Fortalezinha na Ilha de Maiandeua.
Fortalezinha Beach, Maiandeua Island.

Fortalezinha Beach, which gives its name to the local village. This region of the island is even more rustic, and from the top of its hill, visitors can enjoy a stunning panoramic view of Fortalezinha Beach.

Although Algodoal and Fortalezinha are located on the same island, we recommend spending at least one day in each of the villages to make the most of the uniqueness of each place and enjoy the beauty they have to offer. It’s a wonderful way to explore the diversity of Maiandeua Island.

6 – Maguari Beach (Belterra)  

Praia no Tapajós: Praia do Maguari.Maguari Beach. Photo: Amazônia DC.

Praia do Maguari, located in Belterra, is an environmental preservation area located in the Tapajós National Forest and is managed by ICMBio. Access to this beautiful and peaceful beach is exclusively via boat and speedboat trips, providing a unique experience of being in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest. It is a destination that allows visitors to enjoy the untouched nature of this preserved environment.

7 – Muretá Beach – (Santarém)

Praia do Mureta, uma das mais belas Praias do ParáMureta Beach. Photograph:Rio Paramotor

This deserted beach is perfect for watching a splendid sunset over the Amazon. To get to it, you need to take boat trips, which provide a unique experience. In addition to the beautiful vegetation that surrounds the beach, there is also a peaceful lake where tourists can cool off, making it an ideal place to enjoy the region’s untouched nature.

8 – Atalaia Beach (Salinas)

Praia de mar na Amazônia: Praia do AtalaiaAtalaia Beach. Photo: Disclosure.

The most popular beach in Pará is known for its extensive strip of sand on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, with an excellent infrastructure that includes restaurants, bars, inns and hotels on the seafront. In addition to the beach, this region is characterized by its dunes and a lagoon with dark water, known as Lago da Coca-Cola. It’s a popular destination that offers fun, relaxation, and stunning ocean views.

9  – Ajuruteua Beach (Bragança)

Praia de Mar no Pará: Praia de Ajuruteua em Bragança.Ajuruteua Beach. Photograph: Expedição Pará

Ajuruteua Beach is characterized by its fine white sand, clear water and strong waves, as well as being surrounded by dunes and mangrove vegetation. This region is ideal for those who want to rest and relax as well as for lovers of extreme sports, such as windsurfing, kitesurfing and surfing. It is a versatile destination that caters to different tastes and interests, providing visitors with a unique seaside experience.

10 – Saudade Beach –  Cotijuba Island (Belém)

Praia em Belém do Pará: Praia da Saudade, umas das melhores praias do ParáSaudade Beach. Photo: @BudaRaoníAverequete

Belém, the capital of Pará, is truly an incredible place with beautiful beaches little explored by tourists. The city is made up of an archipelago of 39 islands, many of which hide paradisiacal beaches. An example is Praia da Saudade, located on Cotijuba Island. This is one of the most peaceful and beautiful beaches on the island. With its many palm trees and trees, it offers shade and a pleasant breeze, making it perfect for those looking for peace, nature and a refreshing swim in the river. It is a true natural refuge in Belém.


The beaches of Pará, although often little explored by tourists, reveal true natural paradises to those who have the privilege of discovering them. With an astonishing diversity, ranging from freshwater to saltwater beaches, dunes, mangroves and lagoons, these destinations offer not only stunning scenic beauty, but also the opportunity to experience the unique culture and cuisine of the Amazon region. Whether relaxing in the shade of coconut trees, practicing extreme sports or simply watching the sunset in the Amazon, the beaches of Pará captivate the hearts of travelers in search of authentic experiences and intimate contact with nature.


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