Confira o que fazer na Ilha de Marajó. Confira os atrativos e passeios turísticos de Soure
Confira o que fazer na Ilha de Marajó. Confira os atrativos e passeios turísticos de Soure

Things to do on Marajó Island in Soure

Marajó Island, located in the state of Pará, is truly impressive from the moment you arrive. Just 2 hours by boat from Belém, the capital of Pará, this gigantic island of Marajoara is recognized as the largest fluvial-maritime island in the world and is also home to the largest fluvio-maritime archipelago in the world, as it is bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, the Amazon and Tocantins rivers. Its beautiful beaches with brackish water, resulting from the mixture of river water with sea water, and its spectacular ecological sanctuary make Ilha de Marajó a truly special destination.

Mapa da Ilha de Marajó Map of Marajó Island.

Nature Tourism: Marajó Island – Soure

With more than 250,000 inhabitants spread across 16 municipalities, with Soure and Salvaterra standing out as those with the greatest tourist appeal, the Marajó archipelago is an invitation for different types of travelers, especially those who are passionate about nature.

Between carimbó presentations, delicious food and cold cerpas (the typical beer from Pará), a peculiar characteristic of the region draws attention: the presence of buffaloes.

Búfalos na Ilha de Marajó Marajó has the largest herd of buffaloes in Brazil.

They say that these imposing animals appeared on Marajó Island many years ago, after the sinking of a French ship transporting them from Indochina. The accident, in turn, was of great benefit to the residents, as the animal soon became a fundamental part of the functioning of the community (agriculture and tourism). Currently, the place is home to the largest buffalo farm in Brazil.

Check out what to do on Marajó Island in Soure


First of all, there is no way to talk about what to do on Marajó Island without mentioning its main city in the archipelago, Soure. The municipality is home to most of the hotel chain and attractions in the region. It is there, for example, that the São Jerônimo, Bom Jesus and Mironga farms are located, three of the most popular attractions in Marajó. Furthermore, it is in Soure that the most famous beaches on the entire island are located: Barra Velha and Pesqueiro.

Cidade de Soure na Ilha de Marajó. Soure city center on Marajó Island.

Things to do on Marajó Island in Soure: Beaches

Pesqueiro Beach

O que fazer na Ilha de Marajó em Soure. Visite a Praia do Pesqueiro Pesqueiro Beach, the most famous beach in Soure.

Praia do Pesqueiro is truly one of the most impressive natural treasures on Marajó Island. Being bathed by brackish waters, a combination of fresh and salt water, it attracts a large number of tourists every year.

In addition to its undeniable beauty, visitors who explore Praia do Pesqueiro will find several attractions, such as walking along its extensive stretches of sand, enjoying the stunning views of the beach from a hammock in a typical maloca, tasting the delicious Marajoara cuisine and much more. more! It is an unmissable destination for those looking for unique experiences surrounded by nature on Marajó Island.

Céu Beach

Praia do Céu no Marajó The paradisiacal Céu Beach. 

Near Vila de Pescadores, 10 or 15 minutes by boat, you will reach the paradisiacal Praia do Céu, almost isolated, this extensive beach is ideal for walking and admiring the landscape in peace. In fact, following it will take you to Praia do Caju-una.

Praia do Céu only has one restaurant, but with a good structure to welcome tourists, it is a great option for those who want to stay on a beach that is a little more deserted.

Caju-Una Beach

Praia do Caju-una em Soure, no Marajó. Caju-Una Beach

Trying to describe Praia do Caju-Una is an almost impossible mission, its main feature is its coconut trees that beautify it even more, as well as an arm of the river that runs through it.

Praia do Caju-Una is perfect for getting in direct contact with nature and also for strolling among the local community that lives nearby.

There are no commercial establishments such as restaurants or bars on this beach. The nearest restaurant is a few meters before the entrance to the beach.

Barra Velha Beach

Praia da Velha em Soure no Marajó Praia da Velha beach, the closest beach to the center of Soure.

Praia da Barra Velha is a mandatory stop for anyone visiting Marajó Island. Its unique look, with mangrove trees stretching along the beach, combined with an excellent infrastructure that includes bars and restaurants serving delicious typical Pará food, make this beach the perfect place to relax, go hiking and even cycling. It is an unmissable experience to make the most of the region’s natural beauty.

Things to do on Marajó Island in Soure: Farms

São Jerônimo Farm

Viste a Fazenda São Jerônimo, um dos passeios turísticos mais famosos em Soure. São Jerônimo Farm.

Fazenda São Jerônimo became one of the most coveted attractions in the entire archipelago after serving as the setting for the now-defunct program “No Limite”, on Rede Globo. Since then, the owners have invested in infrastructure and transformed the farm into an ecotourism destination. The farm also served as the setting for the soap opera Amor Eterno Amor, on this same network.

The tour of the property begins with a buffalo ride inside a mangrove. Next, the visitor takes a (quiet) trail over an extensive wooden and bamboo bridge until reaching Praia do Goiabal (the setting for “No Limite”). The return trip is done by canoe, lasts two hours and ends the tour.

It is also possible to ride horses on the beach or cross the river on buffaloes. See which attraction best suits your style and enjoy the farm as much as possible!

Note: We at the Nature Tourism Blog are against the exploitation of animals for commercial purposes, however we certify that the buffaloes that work on this farm do not receive mistreatment and that they work very few times a day. Therefore, it will be up to you whether or not to take the buffalo ride. There is also the possibility of taking the tours without the buffaloes.

The São Jerônimo Farm tour costs R$ 250 and it is necessary to make a reservation at least, as the number of visitors is limited.

Bom Jesus Farm

Fazenda Bom Jesus na Ilha de Marajó em Soure Bom Jesus Farm. For those who like hiking and a good place to observe the Marajoara fauna. Photo: Jedilson Figueiredo.

Fazenda Bom Jesus can be described as a typical example of a Marajoara farm. It is frequently visited by tourists who arrive in the region, and the place has dense and well-preserved vegetation, including mangroves and pasture areas.

Currently, Fazenda Bom Jesus does not offer specific tourist activities. However, access to the communities and beaches of Céu and Caju-úna is via trails that cross the farm.

One of the most beautiful experiences you can have in Soure is crossing this farm. During the route, you will have the opportunity to observe several species of birds, buffaloes and the majestic Marajoara horses, making the journey a true immersion in the rich nature of the region.

Mironga Farm

Fazenda Mironga no Marajó Mironga Farm. A place to taste the gastronomy of Marajó.

A very popular tour on Marajó Island is the visit to Fazenda Mironga. This farm offers a true immersion in rural life, allowing visitors to experience the routine of a farm.

During the tour, visitors have the opportunity to participate in an informative conversation about buffalo farming and the production of the famous Marajó cheese. In addition, there is an exciting Marajoara gastronomic tour, highlighting products based on buffalo cheese, such as Queijo do Marajó, dulce de leche and Marajó butter.

To enjoy this unique experience, you must book the tour in advance, which costs R$120 and lasts an average of 2 hours. It is an incredible opportunity to discover the culture and authentic flavors of Marajó Island.

Things to do on Marajó Island in Soure: Boat Trips

Furo do Miguelão Boat Trip

O que fazer na Ilha de Marajó em Soure. Passeio de barco pelo Furo do Miguelão. Boat trip along Furo do Miguelão.

This is an excellent tip for those looking for intimate contact with nature on Marajó Island! The tour through Furo do Miguelão offers a complete immersion in the serenity of the mangroves and igapó forests. Accompanied by an experienced guide, tourists have the unique opportunity to observe howler monkeys, squirrel monkeys, sloths and a wide variety of bird species.

The tour starts at Porto das Rabetas, located in the center of Soure and close to where the Expresso Golfinho boats arrive. It is an experience that allows you to explore the rich biodiversity of the region and appreciate the tranquility of the Marajoara ecosystems.

Mata Fome Boat Trip

Passeio de barco pelo Furo do Garrote em Soure. Boat trip through Furo do Garrote. In the background, the Soure lighthouse and some maned trees along the way.

The Mata Fome Tour seems to be a fascinating alternative to exploring the shores of Soure on Marajó Island. By heading in the opposite direction to Furo do Miguelão, visitors have the opportunity to pass by the Soure Lighthouse, explore the stunning deserted Garrote beach and, finally, enter the dense forests of the streams.

The main attraction of this tour is the spectacular flight of birds at Praia do Garrote, which certainly offers an unforgettable natural spectacle.

It’s great to know that the Mata Fome Tour also departs from Porto das Rabetas, facilitating access for tourists who want to explore this enchanting part of Marajó Island.

Poço Encantado Boat ride

Passeio de barco na ilha de marajó em Soure. Passeio pelo Furo do Volta e Furo do Céu.

The boat trip through Poço Encanto leaves from Vila do Pesqueiro and follows a river, then entering the Poço Encantado mangrove forest. It makes a stop at the Praia do Céu Community, followed by a short walk to Praia do Céu itself. At this beach, the waiting time is approximately 20 minutes, and then the tour returns to Vila do Pesqueiro by boat.

Marajó Mangrove Art Atelier

Conheça os artesanatos marajoaras no Ateliê Arte Mangue Marajó em Soure.Conheça os artesanatos marajoaras no Ateliê Arte Mangue Marajó em Soure. Discover Marajoara crafts at Ateliê Arte Mangue Marajó in Soure.

And finally, visit Ateliê Arte Mangue Marajó, by Ronaldo Guedes, which is essential for craft lovers. In the space, in addition to the artist exhibiting and selling his pieces, he also offers classes on making ceramic pieces. A meticulous, detailed and very careful work! Beautiful pieces!

Final considerations

In conclusion, Ilha do Marajó reveals itself as a unique tourist destination, where the exuberance of nature blends harmoniously with cultural and historical richness. On this island of grandiose dimensions, tourists are immersed in authentic experiences, from observing the unique fauna to experiencing local traditions.

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