As 10 melhores Praias de São Paulo
As 10 melhores Praias de São Paulo

The 10 best beaches in São Paulo

The coast of São Paulo is a region full of incredible places to explore, especially due to its proximity to the lush mountains of the Atlantic Forest. If you are planning your vacation or a trip and are in doubt about the destination, know that São Paulo holds incredible surprises in the form of natural wonders, some of which are even unknown to many of the State’s inhabitants. So, stay tuned and discover with us the 10 best beaches in São Paulo, destinations that offer beauty, tranquility and adventures by the sea.

The 10 best beaches in São Paulo

1. Castelhanos Beach

As melhores praias de São Paulo. Praia dos Castelhanos, São Paulo. The best beaches in São Paulo. Castelhanos Beach. Photo: Louise Cristina Araujo Ferri.

Praia dos Castelhanos, located in Ilhabela, is truly a treasure on the coast of São Paulo. Access to this natural jewel in itself is an exciting adventure, as only 4×4 vehicles can travel the more than 20 km of winding road. However, for adventurers and ecotourism lovers, there is the option of a challenging 22 km trail that leads to the beach. Furthermore, a boat trip is another enchanting alternative to reach this untouched paradise.

What really makes Praia dos Castelhanos one of the best beaches in São Paulo is its crystal clear water and the lush and practically untouched forest that surrounds it. This combination of natural beauty makes this destination an unmissable refuge for those seeking serenity and connection with nature.

2. Bonete Beach

Praia do Bonete. Bonete Beach. Photo: Thiago Sieiro Cunha/Wikimedia commons.

Praia do Bonete, located in Ilhabela, is not only one of the best beaches in São Paulo, but is also considered one of the most beautiful in Brazil. Ilhabela, a beloved refuge for São Paulo residents, is a 4-hour drive from the bustling capital, São Paulo, in ideal traffic conditions.

Access to Praia do Bonete may not be the easiest, as you can choose a 15-kilometer trail or hire a boat service to get there. However, regardless of the path you choose, one thing is certain: you will find a place full of tranquility and exuberant nature. This beach is a true treasure for those seeking serenity by the sea.

3. Prumirim Beach

Praia do Prumirim, São Paulo. Prumirim Beach. Photo: Divulgação.

Located in Ubatuba, Praia do Prumirim stretches for approximately one kilometer. One of the most striking aspects of this beach is the presence of a river that flows into the sea at one of its ends. Furthermore, the waters are usually calm, providing ideal conditions for a refreshing swim in the sea.

4. Cedro Beach

Praia do Cedro. Cedro Beach. Photo: Disclosure.

Praia do Cedro (Cedro Beach), in Ubatuba, is a destination accessible only via the famous Trilha das 7 Praias (7 Beaches Trail). The calm waters with a characteristic blue-green tone make this place an irresistible invitation for an invigorating swim in the sea.

5. Sangava Beach

Praia do Sangava, São Paulo. Sangava Beach. Photo: Disclosure.

Praia do Sangava, in Guarujá, stands out as one of the best beaches in the region. Despite the challenging access, the reward is the stunning beauty and preservation of this place. It is interesting to note that this beach is one of the smallest on the island, just 20 meters long.

6. Brava Beach

Praia Brava, São Paulo. Brava Beach. Photo: Lucas Cuervo.

Praia Brava, also known as Praia Brava de Boiçucanga, is located in the municipality of São Sebastião. This natural paradise offers an almost untouched experience, with little or no tourist infrastructure, which makes it even more fascinating and beautiful.

Surrounded by the splendor of the Atlantic Forest and protected by the Serra do Mar State Park, Praia Brava especially attracts surfers, who find perfect waves here for practicing this sport. To reach this refuge, visitors need to walk a trail of just over an hour, a journey that is worth every step to appreciate this jewel of nature.

7. South Beach of Tamanduá Island – Tamanduá Island

Ilha do Tamanduá, São Paulo. Anteater Island. Photo: Caminhos do SUP.

In Caraguatatuba, we find several beaches of singular beauty, but the two beaches that make up Ilha do Tamanduá are a true hidden treasure. We are talking about Praia Grande do Tamanduá and, in particular, Praia Sul da Ilha de Tamanduá.

For marine life lovers, this is a paradise. Although we are classifying them among the best beaches in São Paulo, the truth is that the beaches on Tamanduá Island are still not very well known, which makes them a real find for those seeking tranquility and biodiversity amid nature.

8. Picinguaba Beach

Praia de Picinguaba.
Picinguaba Beach. Photo: Rodrigo Guim.

One of the jewels of the Ubatuba coast, Praia de Picinguaba, is one of the last before we reach Paraty, in Rio de Janeiro. Known for its remarkable environmental preservation, this beach is a true refuge for those seeking tranquility by the sea. Furthermore, many visitors take the opportunity to explore the beauty of Ilha das Couves, another paradisiacal place nearby.

9. Laje Beach

Praia da Laje, São Paulo. Laje Beach. Photo: Disclosure.

To enjoy the beauty of Praia da Laje, located in the heart of the Ilha do Cardoso State Park, you need to walk a 10-kilometer trail, 7 km of which are pure beach. Therefore, to explore this area with ease, it is essential to be up to date with your physical fitness. Ilha do Cardoso offers a wealth of trails, waterfalls and crystal-clear rivers, making it a true paradise for nature lovers who want to explore these still untouched treasures in São Paulo.

10. Guaratuba Beach

as melhores praias de São Paulo. Praia de Guaratuba. Guaratuba Beach. Photo: Renata de Brito.

In picturesque Bertioga, the meeting of the Guaratuba River with the sea gives rise to the stunning Guaratuba Beach. In this scenario, it is important to observe some rules that preserve environmental balance, ensuring that the lush green of the forest creates a harmonious contrast with the blue of the sea, making this beach a true jewel to be appreciated.


The 10 best beaches in São Paulo are true treasures of nature tourism in São Paulo. With their diversity of scenery, ranging from paradisiacal beaches that are difficult to access to hidden corners on the coast, these beaches offer not only incomparable natural beauty, but also the opportunity to experience unique adventures amid the exuberance of the Atlantic Forest. For those looking for an authentic ecological tourism experience, the São Paulo coastline proves to be a surprising destination, where nature reigns supreme, providing memorable moments of connection with the environment.


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