Dragons waterfall in Pirenopolis, Goias -Brazil
Dragons waterfall in Pirenopolis, Goias -Brazil

Dragon’s Waterfall in Pirenópolis, Goiás (Brazil): A Zen Journey in Nature

In the serene landscapes of Pirenópolis, Goiás, unfolds a refuge of unparalleled beauty and profound spirituality: the Dragons’ Waterfalls. Nestled in the preserved trails of the Zen Monastery Eishō-ji, these eight waterfalls are not just a visual spectacle but also represent a symbolic journey intrinsic to Zen Buddhism. Guided by the stories and teachings of Master Ryotan Tokuda, the monastery’s founder, we embark on a journey that transcends physical boundaries to reach the core of self-awareness.

Getting to Know the Waterfalls

The texts below about the waterfalls were inspired by the information conveyed by Master Ryotan Tokuda, the creator of the Zen Monastery Eishō-ji.

1. Dragon Gate

Cachoeiras dos Dragões: Portão do Dragão.
Dragon Gate. Photo: cachoeirasdosdragoes.com.br

The trail begins at the imposing Dragon’s Gate. Named after Zen-Buddhist mythology, this site symbolizes the rigorous training of Zen practitioners. The journey mirrors the ascent of a carp that transforms into a dragon upon reaching the summit.

2. Blue Dragon

Dragão Azul.
Blue Dragon. Photo: cachoeirasdosdragoes.com.br

The second stop, Blue Dragon, presents a challenge. The dragon that resides in the depths of the waters symbolizes the Zen practitioner’s perseverance through hardships. Conquering this waterfall requires dedication and resilience.

3. Dragon Pearl

Cachoeiras dos Dragões: Pérola do Dragão.
Dragon Pearl. Photo: cachoeirasdosdragoes.com.br

The third waterfall, Dragon’s Pearl, embodies the Buddha nature. The pearl, guarded by the dragon, symbolizes the quest for enlightenment. Courage is needed to reach out to the dragon’s jaw and retrieve this precious pearl.

4. Dragon Clouds

Cachoeiras dos Dragões: Nuvens do Dragão.
Dragon Clouds. Photo: cachoeirasdosdragoes.com.br

At Dragon Clouds Waterfall, the fourth on the trail, clouds fill the scene. The dragon emerges from the water shrouded in these clouds, representing chaos and the realization of true nature. A metamorphosis that reflects the inner journey of a Zen practitioner.

5. True Dragon

Cachoeiras dos Dragões: Dragão Verdadeiro.
True Dragon. Photo: cachoeirasdosdragoes.com.br

We reach True Dragon Waterfall. Master Dōgen, founder of the Sōtō Zen school, tells the story of a man fascinated by dragons. This waterfall symbolizes the search for true masters on the Zen path, distinguishing them from imitations.

6. Flying Dragon

Dragão Voador.
Flying Dragon. Photo: cachoeirasdosdragoes.com.br

The sixth waterfall, Flying Dragon, is the tallest, with a 55-meter drop. Its grandeur is akin to a dragon spreading its wings to soar into the skies. A majestic view that marks a significant milestone in the journey.

7. Sky Dragon

Dragão do Céu.
Sky Dragon. Photo: cachoeirasdosdragoes.com.br

The seventh waterfall, Sky Dragon, symbolizes the realization of the Buddha nature. The Zen practitioner, now fulfilled in their journey, starts a new chapter, leaving the monastery to work with all their strength.

8. King Of Dragons

Rei dos Dragões.
King Of Dragons. Photo: cachoeirasdosdragoes.com.br

The last stop, King Of Dragons, represents the Guardians of the Eishō-Ji monastery, dedicated to defending the Dharma. A grandiose closure to this unique experience.

How to Reach the Dragons’ Waterfalls

Access to the Dragons’ Waterfalls begins on Highway GO-338, heading towards the Rota das Cachoeiras Cristalinas from the center of Pirenópolis. However, it is crucial to be cautious with geolocation apps, as they may direct to incorrect rural paths. It is recommended to follow the main road and observe the indicative signs.

The road to the Dragons’ Waterfalls is accessed after about 25 km ( 15 miles) of asphalt, in the direction of Goianésia. After this point, there are about 15 km ( 9 miles) of dirt road. Throughout the journey, stay on the main track and follow the signs.

During the Dry Season

It is important to note that, during the dry season, which occurs from August to October, some waterfalls may have reduced flow or even dry up. The waterfalls affected by this condition are the 5th (True Dragon), 6th (Flying Dragon), and 7th (Sky Dragon).

Despite this seasonal change, the other waterfalls remain lush and offer an equally fascinating experience.

Rules and Guidelines

Visitors should be aware of specific rules: alcohol, cigarettes, glass bottles, musical instruments, pets, climbing, or campfires are not allowed.

Tips and Observations

For a more enjoyable experience, it is suggested to wear closed and appropriate footwear for trails, such as sneakers or boots. The entire route is properly signposted, and it is essential to follow the signs and stay within the marked area. The experience, lasting 3 to 4 hours, promises to be unforgettable.


Exploring the Dragons’ Waterfalls is more than just a journey. It is an immersion in spirituality, preserved nature, and the pursuit of true inner nature. I invite you to embark on this unique adventure and discover the secrets that the Dragons’ Waterfalls hold.

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