O que fazer no Monte Roraima
O que fazer no Monte Roraima

Things To Do In Monte Roraima

A dream destination for 10 out of 10 adventurers, Mount Roraima is home to phenomenal natural beauty.

Finding words that describe the grandeur of Mount Roraima is as hard a task as reaching its top. Sacred to some and challenging to others, in any case, the mountain holds fascinating particularities that attract ecotourists from the four corners of the planet. So stay tuned about what to do in Monte Roraima.

Mount Roraima, the highest flat mountain in the world. Photo: Paolo Costa Baldi.

Discovered at the end of the 15th century, the mountain is located in the extreme north of the state of Roraima, on the border with French Guiana and Venezuela. The Brazilian area, however, corresponds to a tiny 5% of the total of the mount. Most of it (just over 80%) is in Venezuelan territory – that’s where the expeditions to the summit leave from. In total, there are about 34km² of surface area, 2,800 meters of altitude and 400 meters of vertical walls.

For practitioners of ecotourism and adventure tourism, Mount Roraima represents the most magnanimous in this sense. To reach the summit, good physical preparation is necessary, as the trekking can last for days, however it is important to emphasize that the effort will be rewarded by one of the most incredible ecotourism destinations in the world.

During the days on the trail, you will come across phenomenal landscapes full of waterfalls, rivers and everything else that only the Amazon is capable of providing.

Were you amazed? We understand! Therefore, we separate all the necessary information for you to know this fantastic place as soon as possible. After all, “conquering Mount Roraima” is necessary! Check out:

What to do on Mount Roraima – Check out the Main Attractions

La Ventana

O que fazer no Monte Roraima: La Ventana. Foto: Divulgação. La Ventana. Photo: Disclosure.

Undoubtedly, “La Ventana” is the most famous viewpoint on Mount Roraima. From it, it is possible to contemplate the Kukenan, the neighboring mountain to the mount. Definitely a sight to behold.

In this attraction you will need a bit of luck, since the climatic conditions of the region dictate the rules there. It is recommended to visit the place between 7 am or 8 am – it is at this time that your chances of being face to face with a beautiful view increase.

El Fosso

El Fosso on Mount Roraima. Photo: Gérard Vigo.

Located in a wide and quite deep ditch, the lake is one of the most beautiful attractions. It is possible to cool off in the moat, but for that you need not be cold or afraid of heights, as you will have to jump from a height of about 7 meters. To get out there is an underground cave with a side exit.


Jacuzzis Jacuzzis on Mount Roraima. Photo: Waldyr Neto.

The Jacuzzis are pools with crystalline and icy waters.


Monte Roraima: Maverick. Foto: Miguel Fernandes. Maverick. Photo: Miguel Fernandes.

The stone named “Maverick” because its shape is similar to the car of the same name is the highest point of Mount Roraima, just over 2 thousand meters high, also called by the locals “El Carro”.

Vale dos Cristais (Valley of Crystals)

Vale dos Cristais no Monte Roraima Valley of Crystals on Mount Roraima. Photo: Glória Tupinambás.

Mount Roraima is also known for its mysticism and one of these places is Vale dos Cristais. The peculiar region, as its name suggests, is full of crystals in the ground and in some stones.

If you want to take some souvenir crystal, forget it! The Venezuelan police usually search the belongings of tourists on their return to Brazil and transporting the crystals is considered contraband.

Proa (Bow)

Foto da Proa no Monte Roraima Proa’s photo. The reason for the name is due to the resemblance to the bow of a ship. Photo: Glória Tupinambás.

The tip of Mount Roraima, which faces north (Guiana side), is the most famous postcard of the mount, but it is not the most visited, due to its difficult access and the farthest point from tourist attractions. Therefore, you need to walk a long trail and many guides or agencies do not usually take visitors there.

O Marco do Ponto Tríplice (The Triple Point Landmark)

O Marco do Ponto Tríplice no Monte Roraima Triple Point on Mount Roraima. Photo: Disclosure.

Pyramid-shaped monument is one of the most visited points on Mount Roraima, it is on the border between Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana.

Lago Gladys

Lago Gladys no Monte Roraiama Lago Gladys. Foto: Divulgação.

Located about a 3-hour walk from the Gruta do Coti campsite, this lake is covered in mist most of the time.

Mirante em Ponta de Pedra (Viewpoint at Ponta de Pedra)

Mirante Ponta de Pedra no Monte Roraima Ponta de Pedra viewpoint. Photo: erickeas.

Right after Lake Gladys and next to Salamandra River Waterfall, this lookout provides a wonderful view of nature.

Labirintos de Pedra (Stone labyrinths)

Labirintos de Pedra do Monte Roraima Stone Labyrinths. Photo: Paulo Liebertae.

Natural labyrinths of giant stones carved by nature thousands of years ago are 7 km long and 2 km wide.

What an amazing destination, huh? Do you know someone who has already gone? Were you trying to go? Leave a comment there for us.

Now that you know what to see in Monte Roraima, find out How to get to this wonderful destination.


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