Como chegar ao Monte Roraima
Como chegar ao Monte Roraima

How do I get to Monte Roraima – Amazon

Unique and mysterious place that inspired the writer Conan Doyle, famous for the book “The Lost World”, was also a source of inspiration for the Disney movie “Up Altas Aventuras”. In this article you will find out how to get to Mount Roraima.

Its beauties, trails, stories and difficult access, make this destination one of the most coveted places in the world for nature tourism, the mountain located in South America, is on the triple border between Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana.

Mapa do Monte Roraima
Map of Mount Roraima.

How to get to Mount Roraima

Is it possible to make this trip on your own? Yes, however, we DO NOT recommend it. Firstly, because it is a one-week trek, that is, if the visitor is not supported by an excellent tourist service, the chances of the trip becoming a big hassle are huge.

Como chegar ao Monte Roraima. How to get to Mount Roraima. Photo: Disclosure 

Second, because, unfortunately, Venezuela is not in a good political moment. Therefore, entering the country without the support of a travel agency may not be a good idea. But, calm down! This does not mean that you should cancel your trip or that you are in any kind of danger, on the contrary. This is just a caveat that should be taken into account. So let’s get down to business:

After all How to get to Monte Roraima? It all starts in Boa Vista, capital of the state of Roraima. By plane there are direct flights from Belém, Brasília and Manaus or with stopovers from the rest of the country.

Vista aérea do Monte Roraima. Aerial view of Mount Roraima. Photo: Disclosure.

From Boa Vista, you will travel approximately 200km to the Venezuelan city of Santa Elena de Uairen. If you have already booked a package with a travel agency, the transfer will already be included.

Leaving Santa Elena de Uairen, it will be another 70km in a 4×4 vehicle to the indigenous community of Paraitepuy, already inside the Canaima National Park, from where the trekking begins. Once again, this transfer will be offered by the contracted agency.

Recommended travel agencies

Brazilian or Venezuelan travel agencies? Well, it’s up to you. However, to facilitate your trip with tranquility and comfort, we recommend the services of Brazilian agencies. We separate two options:

Roraima Adventures

For a long time, Roraima Adventures was the only Brazilian travel agency authorized to trek to Mount Roraima. Itineraries range from R$ 1800 to R$ 3 thousand and depend on some factors such as duration, for example. In this way, the packages include transfer, food, equipment suitable for trekking.

• Mantra Adventure

Mantra Aventures is a travel agency from São Paulo. Packages to Mount Roraima cost around R$2500 and include accommodation in Boa Vista and Santa Elena, transfer to/from the airport and transfer from Boa Vista to Santa Elena.

When to go to Monte Roraima

Soobrevôo pela Amazônia. Overflight through the Amazon. Photo: Disclosure.

Thanks to its privileged location, the destination can be visited all year round, there are pros and cons of each season, if the trip is made between the months of November to March, when there is less rain in the region, this period facilitates and much on trails and crossings.

As for the months of April to October, season with more intense rainfall, the trails are more slippery, therefore, greater effort and attention will be required. The advantage of taking a walk during this period is that the trails are more empty – which allows you to camp in the best places, but the difference even at this time is in the formation of the waterfalls that form.


Monte Roraima. Mount Roraima. Photo: Vânia Matos.

The climatic conditions on Mount Roraima are as peculiar as the destination itself. During the day the temperature varies between 20º to 22º and at night it drops a lot, reaching 0 degrees. So, be careful when choosing clothes!


Camping no Monte Roraima.

Lodging on a trekking tour is the good old tent, adventurers! Generally, the people set up camps inside caves scattered throughout the region, as the climate varies a lot, they protect from the cold and rain.

Documentation required for Mount Roraima

Documentação necessários para o Monte Roraima. Vacina para Febre Amarela. International Certificate of Vaccination against Yellow Fever.

To cross the border, tourists must have their identity document and the international vaccination card against yellow fever in their hands. No visa or passport is required. Indeed! Don’t forget travel insurance. In addition to ensuring that there will be no difficulties, it is mandatory to enter Venezuela.


Moeda Bolívar

Bolivar currency.

As we are talking about a destination that is more than half international, it is necessary to exchange money – in this case, from real to bolivars.

It is possible to make the exchange at the Brazilian customs, in the Roraima city of Pacaraima. Currently, 1 Real is equivalent to 857 Bolivares, that is, in March 2019.

Checklist for Mount Roraima

O que levar para o Monte Roraiama

What to take for camping on Mount Roraima?

Time to pack the backpack to finally hit the road. But, after all, what to take? See the list we prepared:

• Sleeping bag (for 0 degrees);

• Thermal insulation;

• Flashlight (with extra batteries);

• Switchblade;

• Canteen;

• Pants (preferably windproof);

• T-shirts (opt for long sleeves);

• Windproof jacket;

• Socks / underwear;

• Second skin;

• Boot suitable for trekking;

• Sunscreen;

• Lip balm;

• Personal hygiene products;

• Raincoat;

• Personal medications;

• Waterproof bags (don’t even think about garbage bags!);

• Stick suitable for trekking;

• Hat;

• Repellent;

• Cap;

• Gloves;

• Sunglasses;

• Cereal bars;

• Water (lots of water).

Important Tips

The borders of Brazil and Venezuela do not work at the same time – and worse, they change all the time. Therefore, be aware of this detail, because if you find yourself “faced at the door” on the border with Venezuela, you will have to wait until the next day;

Rest is key. Do not arrive in Santa Elena or Boa Vista on the day the transfer departs or the night before. Arrive at least two days early;

Walk the repellent up and down. On the trails there are many mosquitoes, known as peri-peri. And there’s nothing worse than being devoured by these little slugs;

Sometimes we don’t pay attention, but the best thing about traveling is talking to the locals. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to delve into the culture of a different people by talking directly to them;

Eat a lot! Mainly carbohydrates and always have a chocolate on hand. It makes all the difference.

Now that you know about how to get to Monte Roraima, know what to do in Monte Roraima.


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