O que fazer em Rio Branco. Confira os 10 passeios-imperdiveis
O que fazer em Rio Branco. Confira os 10 passeios-imperdiveis

Things to do in Rio Branco Ci: 10 unmissable tours

Surely you must have heard a joke related to Acre and its “non-existent” location. It so happens that the State reserves great attractions for ecotourism – especially in Rio Branco, the state capital – a full plate for travelers passionate about the Amazon. So find out everything to do in Rio Branco: 10 unmissable walks in or on nature.

Rio Branco City

The state capital is the starting point for those who want to venture into this region of incomparable natural beauties. The city is divided into two parts: the historic center and the new town. In this way, it offers visitors true lessons in History, Geography, Arts and gastronomy – get ready to taste the tastiest typical dishes of the North region.

The range of options related to nature in Rio Branco and surroundings is enormous. Therefore, we separate those that are among the “top 10 must-see tours” to include there in your itinerary. That is, directly or indirectly linked to nature. Check out:

Things to do in Rio Branco City – 10 unmissable walks in the middle of nature

1 – Biblioteca Da Floresta (Forest Library)

O que fazer em Rio Branco: Biblioteca Da Floresta. Forest Library in Rio Branco. Photo: Disclosure.

With a collection of more than 5,000 titles related to the Amazon and Acre, the Biblioteca da Floresta is an obligatory stop for lovers of Literature and History. In addition to its important literary and cultural collection, the place honors the environmentalist and political activist Chico Mendes, executed in 1988, aged 44, at the behest of ranchers (check out more about his story throughout this post). As well as there is a room dedicated only to his story with photos and a part of his personal collection.

Parque da Maternidade, s/n – Downtown, Rio Branco / Open from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.

2 – Horto Florestal (Forest Garden)

Horto Florestal, Rio Branco. Forest Garden. Photo: euadororosas.blogspot.com.

Considered the oldest park in the city, Horto Florestal is a great option for nature tourism in Rio Branco. The site has 17 hectares (42 acres) and has three ecological trails, volleyball courts, a soccer field and an environmental education school where various workshops and training related to recycling and the environment in general are held.

In the park, it is still possible to contemplate centenary trees such as mahogany, chestnut and ipês, as well as a lake with a lookout point and a conservation unit for aquatic fauna and flora. Eye-popping!

Location: Av. Antônio da Rocha Viana – Horto Florestal / Open from Monday to Sunday from 5am to 8pm.

3 – Sítio Histórico Quixadá (Quixadá Historic Site)

Sítio Histórico Quixadá. Things to do in Rio Branco: Sítio Histórico Quixadá. Photo: Ricardo Melo Neto.

The Historic Site of Quixadá is one of the tourist attractions with the highest historical value in Rio Branco. Former seat of traditional rubber plantations during the Acre Revolution and the Era of Rubber.

The space has already served as a setting for the recording of a miniseries (“Amazônia, de Galvez a Chico Mendes”) and currently houses a toy library, walking trails, hammocks and a restaurant, as well as offering canoe trips to visitors.

Location: Estrada do Quixadá, Km 20, s/n – Rural Area, Rio Branco / Wednesday to Sunday from 9am to 5pm.

4 – Parque Ambiental Chico Mendes (Chico Mendes Environmental Park)

Parque Ambiental Chico Mendes Chico Mendes Environmental Park. Photo: Portal Acre 24hrs.

The environmentalist leader Chico Mendes became known worldwide due to his fight for the preservation of the Amazon. Killed in the late 1980s at the behest of ranchers, the political activist left an important legacy that remains alive today.

That’s why it’s very common to find tributes to him spread across Acre, his homeland. One of the most significant is the Chico Mendes Environmental Park. Inaugurated in the 1990s, the space has a preserved area of 53 hectares, with ecological trails through the forest, a mini zoo, a playground, a space for picnics and a memorial about the life and struggle of Chico Mendes. Worth the visit!

Location: AC-040 Highway – Vila Acre / From Tuesday to Sunday from 7am to 5pm

5 – Casa dos Povos da Floresta (House of the Forest People)

Casa dos Povos da Floresta, Rio Branco. House of the Forest People. Photo: Jorge Viana.

Located in Parque da Maternidade, Casa dos Povos da Floresta tells a little about the culture of rubber tappers, riverside and indigenous peoples.

The space is shaped like a hollow and has a huge collection of objects, clothing and other accessories typical of the native peoples that make visitors delve into their traditions and customs.

At the Casa dos Povos da Floresta there are representations of 16 ethnic groups that still exist in the region. It is worth mentioning that, in the past, there were more than 50 ethnic groups, but unfortunately 34 of them were decimated. The tour ends in the main hall, where there is a real canoe on display and made by the indigenous people themselves.

Location: Parque da Maternidade, s/n – Downtown, Rio Branco / Open Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm

6 – Parque Capitão Ciríaco (Captain Ciriaco Park)

Parque Capitão Ciríaco, Rio Branco. Captain Ciriaco Park. Photo: Divulgação.

Considered to be of great historical value, the Capitão Ciríaco Park was named after Ciríaco Joaquim de Almeida, one of the members of the group that promoted the Acre Revolution.

The environmental protection space covers an area of around 4.6 hectares (11 Acres) and houses native vegetation from the Amazon and more than 400 rubber trees. In addition, it offers sports and leisure equipment, a digital inclusion room, a reading room and buildings depicting the traditional architecture of Acre. Undeniably a true open-air museum!

Location: Rodovia AC 01, Segundo Distrito / Open from Sunday to Sunday from 8 am to 6 pm.

7 – Parque Zoobotânico UFAC (UFAC Zoobotanical Park)

Parque Zoobotânico UFAC, Rio Branco.
UFAC Zoobotanical Park. Photo: Divulgação.

The Zoobotanical Park is the largest green area within the urban perimeter of Rio Branco. With more than 100 hectares (247 acres), the park serves as a natural laboratory for courses in Forest Engineering, Agronomic Engineering and Biological Sciences at UFAC – Universidade Federal do Acre. However, the place is perfect for those who want to recharge their energies and observe rare species of birds.

BR 364 Highway – UFAC University Campus / More information: (68) 3229-2244

8 – Parque do Tucumã (Tucumã Park)

Parque do Tucumã, Rio Branco. Things to do in Rio Branco: Tucumã Park. Photo: Gleilson Miranda/Secom.

Parks are synonymous with nature tourism in Rio Branco. Inaugurated in 2005, the space offers visitors walking trails, snack bars, ice cream parlors, kiosks, sports courts, bike paths, lakes and many super inviting gardens to contemplate the “Amazonian sunset”.

Location: Av. Northwest, 1048-1098 – Conj. Tucumã / Open 24 hours a day.

9 – Calçadão da Gameleira (Boardwalk of Gameleira)

O que fazer em Rio Branco: Calçadão da Gameleira. Foto: Davi Sopchaki. Boardwalk of Gameleira Photo: Davi Sopchaki.

Calçadão da Gameleira is located on the banks of the Acre River and is a meeting point for bohemians, who flock to the bars and restaurants installed in the charming mansions. Therefore, if your objective is to experience the bohemian night of the Amazon, enjoy nature and watch the sunset, this is the ideal place!

Location: Rua Cunha Matos – Sixth of August / Open 24 hours a day.

10 – Trilha Chico Mendes (Chico Mendes Trail)

Trilha Chico Mendes Chico Mendes Trail. Photo: Duda Menegassi.

The Chico Mendes Trail is located within the Extractive Reserve of the same name and covers not only Rio Branco, but also the municipalities of Capixaba, Assis Brasil, Brasileia, Epitaciolândia, Xapuri and Sena Madureira.

The Chico Mendes Trail has about 90 km ( 55 miles) of trail that crosses the Amazon Forest and shows a bit of the day-to-day reality of those who live in the place that is considered a model of sustainability. So if you like trails and adventures, be sure to explore this place.

Location: Rua Henrique Dias, 130 – Bosque.

Are these incredible options for nature tourism in Rio Branco? By the way, did you like our article? So share with your friends or keep accompanying us, this is very important for our work.


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