Things to do in Mineiros, Goiás. Brazil.
Things to do in Mineiros, Goiás. Brazil.

Things to do in Mineiros – City of Natural and Cultural Riches

Mineiros, a hidden gem nestled in the southwest of Goiás, unveils itself as a treasure trove of natural and cultural riches waiting to be uncovered. Located 425 km from the capital, Goiânia, and 632 km from Brasília-DF, the city stands out not just for its scenic beauty but also for the warm welcome its hospitable residents extend to visitors.

Stepping into the heart of Mineiros, tourists are greeted not only by natural wonders but also by the genuine hospitality of the locals. Let’s delve into what makes this fascinating city a must-visit, from its picturesque waterfalls to its cultural treasures, unveiling the secrets that make Mineiros an unmissable destination. Get ready to be captivated by every discovery this extraordinary city has to offer.

Things to do in Mineiros

1. Natural Riches of Mineiros: Exploring the Emas National Park

Birdwatching Tourism in Emas National Park
Things to do in Mineiros: Birdwatching Tourism. Photo:

The beating heart of Mineiros’ natural wealth lies within the majestic Emas National Park. This conservation gem, located within the municipality, not only preserves the cerrado’s habitat integrity but also offers a unique experience for nature lovers.

Emas National Park: The Green Lung of Mineiros

Emas National Park stands out as one of the most important Conservation Units in the Cerrado, noted for its size, habitat integrity, and faunal richness. As visitors explore the park, they’re met with a stunning landscape filled with lush vegetation and a diverse array of fauna.

Immersive Activities in the Park

  1. Ecological Trails:
    • Adventurers can dive into the cerrado’s exuberance through ecological trails. Each step unveils the region’s unique biodiversity, offering an intimate contact with preserved nature.
  2. Birdwatching:
    • Emas National Park emerges as a paradise for birdwatching enthusiasts. With about 874 species, including 37 typical of this unique biome, the Cerrado unfolds into a winged spectacle. From rheas to seriemas, the avian diversity is astounding.
  3. Car Rides through the Savannah:
    • For those looking for a more relaxed experience, car rides through the savannah are available. This journey offers panoramic views, allowing visitors to soak in the cerrado’s singular beauty.

2. Waterfalls in Mineiros: Discover the Aquatic Magic

Mineiros has been lavishly gifted by nature with over 120 cataloged waterfalls, making it a haven for waterfall lovers. Highlighting a few gems from this aquatic treasure, such as Pinguela, Sucuri, and the Two Jumps waterfalls.

Pinguela Waterfall

Pinguela Waterfall in Mineiros.
Things to do in Mineiros: Pinguela Waterfall. Photo: Disclosure.

With its waters flowing amidst lush vegetation, Pinguela Waterfall offers an unparalleled visual spectacle. The tranquil atmosphere and scenic beauty make this spot a must-visit for those seeking serenity.

Sucuri Waterfall

Things to do in Mineiros: Sucuri Waterfall.
Things to do in Mineiros: Sucuri Waterfall. Photo: Disclosure.

Tucked away in the tranquility of a private property, Sucuri Waterfall unveils its unique beauty. With access allowed upon the owners’ authorization, adventurers are greeted with a breathtaking access trail, uncovering the enchantment of this waterfall. Moreover, this property also offers the chance to explore Pinguela Waterfall.

Two Jumps Waterfall (Cachoeira dos Dois Saltos)

Two Saltos Waterfall. Photo: PabloRegino wikimedia
Two Saltos Waterfall. Photo: PabloRegino wikimedia

Regarded as one of the most beautiful in Brazil, the Two Jumps Waterfall impresses with its majesty. The turbulent waters contrast with the surrounding peace, offering a unique experience for explorers.

3. Pinga Fogo Region: A Scene from the Gods

Pinga Fogo region in Mineiros.
Pinga Fogo region in Mineiros. Photo: Disclosure

The Pinga Fogo region stands out as a true spectacle of impressive viewpoints. Each strategic spot offers panoramic views, allowing visitors to lose themselves in the vastness of the landscape.

Stone Sheared Hill is among the top tourist attractions. Beyond its imposing presence and unique ecological features, Stone Sheared Hill offers a natural viewpoint. Contemplate the vastness of the cerrado and immerse yourself in the legends enveloping this extraordinary place.

The legendary Stone Sheared Hill is more than a geographical elevation; it’s an invitation to a mystical journey. Its imposing forms provide not just stunning panoramic views but also a unique connection with the legends surrounding this area. Trails running through the hill offer a enriching ecological experience.

4 . Serra da Mesa: A Natural Refuge for Water Sports and Outdoor Adventures

O que fazer em Mineiros: Serra da Mesa.
Foto: Divulgação.

In the breathtaking landscape of Mineiros, Serra da Mesa stands out as a must-visit tourist spot, offering a refuge for water sports enthusiasts and nature lovers. This natural treasure, surrounded by majestic mountains, invites visitors to explore a setting brimming with opportunities for outdoor adventures.

Besides water sports, Serra da Mesa offers scenic trails, giving adventurers the chance to explore the region’s rich flora and fauna. Every step reveals the preserved natural beauty of the area.

5. Cultural Attractions: Historical Treasures and the Wealth of Tradition

Divine Holy Spirit Parish: The Elegant Testament to the Past

Paróquia Divino Espírito Santo.
Paróquia Divino Espírito Santo. Foto: Divulgação.

The imposing Divine Holy Spirit Parish, built in a neo-Gothic style, stands as a symbol of the city’s religious and architectural heritage. Its elegant features tell stories from bygone eras, while its altars and stained glass windows enchant visitors. A stroll through the church is a journey back in time, revealing the devotion and art that have shaped Mineiros’ history.

Historical and Cultural Museum of Mineiros: A Journey Through Time

The Historical and Cultural Museum of Mineiros is a true treasure trove of memories. Documenting the rich history of the city and region, its exhibits offer a fascinating glimpse into the past. Artifacts, photographs, and accounts transport visitors to different eras, connecting the present with Mineiros’ deep roots.

Cedro Community: Preserving Afro-Brazilian Traditions

As a tribute to cultural diversity, the Cedro Community emerges as a special place in Mineiros. Here, Quilombola traditions are preserved and celebrated. Visitors have the chance to immerse themselves in cultural practices and religious rituals.

6. Adventure and Leisure Activities: Boia Cross

O que fazer em Mineiros:  Boia Cross
Foto: Divulgação.

The Boia Cross activity in Mineiros is an adrenaline-filled and fun experience. Participants embark on an exciting journey, traveling approximately 900 meters to the Boia Cross deck. During this aquatic adventure, participants face obstacles, including rapids and waterfalls, offering moments of calm and excitement.

7. Curiosities and Natural Phenomena: Uncovering Mineiros’ Hidden Secrets

Bioluminescence: Lights that Enchant the Night in Mineiros

Bioluminescence in Emas National Park. Photo: Ary Bassous.
Bioluminescence in Emas National Park. Photo: Ary Bassous.

Rare and spectacular, the phenomenon of bioluminescence lights up the nights of the Cerrado. Living organisms, such as bacteria, fungi, algae, and fish, emit a soft and magical light, creating a unique atmosphere. While bioluminescence is more common in aquatic environments, Mineiros has the privilege of witnessing this spectacle in its terrestrial setting, although this event only occurs between October and November.

Guarani Aquifer: The Underground Waters Nourishing the Region

Mineiros is blessed with the presence of the Guarani Aquifer, one of the world’s largest underground water reservoirs. Forming several rivers, including the Verde, Formoso, Araguaia, and Jacuba, this aquifer is the vital source that nourishes the abundance of springs and watercourses in the region. It’s a strategic reserve that not only sustains the natural beauty but also plays a crucial role in the daily life of the community.

How to Get to Mineiros: A Strategic Path to Paradise

Access Options: Choose the Best Route for Your Trip

  1. By Air:
    • For those who prefer to travel by air, Rio Verde Airport is the nearest option, situated approximately 192 km from Mineiros.
  2. By Road:
    • Mineiros is crossed by major highways, such as BR-364 and GO-341. If opting to travel by car, the road offers a scenic and comfortable journey. The city is 425 km from Goiânia, approximately a 5-hour drive, and 632 km from Brasília, taking about 9 hours (Via BR-060). To rent a car, use the RentCars tool to check available rental companies and vehicles.
  3. By Bus – Expresso São Luiz:
    • Bus travel with Expresso São Luiz offers convenience and a direct connection to Mineiros. The journey from Goiânia costs from R$ 157.34, with a duration of approximately 8 hours. Departing from Brasília, the price is R$ 259, with a little over 11 hours of travel. To book your ticket, visit the Expresso São Luiz website or make your reservation via Whatsapp (62) 99698-2495.

Where to Stay in Mineiros

Here is a list of establishments in Mineiros found on, offering overnight stays for two people.

  • Rota Hotéis Mineiros: R$ 277
  • Gran Park Hotel e Convenções: R$ 318
  • Plaza Hotel: R$ 210
  • Piloes Palace Hotel: R$ 330


Mineiros, with its stunning waterfalls, fascinating trails, cultural wealth, and unique natural phenomena, proves to be a destination that exceeds expectations. Exploring this charming city, visitors encounter not just scenic beauty but an immersive experience that celebrates nature and culture.


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