Things to do in Cavalcante, Chapada dos Veadeiros, Brazil.
Things to do in Cavalcante, Chapada dos Veadeiros, Brazil.

Things to Do in Cavalcante in the Chapada dos Veadeiros

The city of Cavalcante, in the State of Goiás, a hidden treasure within the vast expanse of Chapada dos Veadeiros, promises visitors a unique and captivating adventure. Away from the main tourist tracks, this charming retreat stands out with its natural wonders, offering breathtaking landscapes and magnificent waterfalls that can hold their own against the area’s most renowned ones. Beyond the visual spectacle, Cavalcante also boasts significant historical value, serving as a backdrop where cultural traditions blend seamlessly with natural magnificence. In this text, we’ll dive into the beauties that make Cavalcante a must-visit for those seeking to experience a true connection with Chapada dos Veadeiros.

Exploring Paradise: What to Do in Cavalcante in the Chapada dos Veadeiros – Waterfalls, Culture, and Adventures!

1. Santa Bárbara Waterfall (Cachoeira Santa Bárbara)

Things to Do in Cavalcante: Waterfall Santa Barbara
Things to Do in Cavalcante: Santa Bárbara Waterfall. Photo: Naiane cascardo (Wikipedia).

Among the hidden gems of Cavalcante, the Santa Bárbara Waterfall stands out as one of Brazil’s most stunning, becoming synonymous with unparalleled beauty in the Chapada dos Veadeiros. Its waters, a deep, vibrant blue, present a visual spectacle that surpasses imagination. The Santa Bárbara Waterfall, plunging 98 ft (30 meters), offers more than a spectacular view: it’s an open invitation for contemplation and to dive into its expansive natural pool.

Practical information:

  • Guide requirement: Essential for safely exploring the area. Generally, local guides, many of whom belong to the Kalunga community, are available at the Tourist Service Center in Kalungas Engenho II.
  • Costs: In addition to the guide, there is an entrance fee.

2. Quilombo Kalunga

O que fazer em Cavalcante: Quilombo Kalunga.
Quilombo Kalunga. Foto: Quilombo Kalunga

The Kalunga Quilombo is a quilombola territory that received international recognition through the UN’s environmental program as the first Territory and Area Conserved by Indigenous and Local Communities (TICCA) in Brazil. This title is reserved for regions that maintain nature conservation while simultaneously ensuring the well-being of their community. Spanning three municipalities in Goiás – Cavalcante, Monte Alegre de Goiás, and Teresina de Goiás – in the Chapada dos Veadeiros region, the Kalunga Quilombo is a landmark of environmental and cultural preservation.

With about 300 years of occupation, the Kalunga Quilombo represents a significant chapter in Brazil’s history. Its creation dates back to the slavery period, when the Kalunga sought refuge in the mountains and valleys to escape oppression. The preservation of their traditions, language, and the maintenance of ancestral practices make the Kalunga Quilombo a living guardian of Afro-Brazilian cultural heritage.

Interaction with the Community, Culture, and Cuisine: By exploring the Kalunga Quilombo, visitors have the unique opportunity to connect with a welcoming community and witness firsthand the traditions of the Kalunga people. The interaction offers a deep dive into local culture, allowing visitors to participate in celebrations, rituals, traditional gastronomy, and share stories with community members.

3. Waterfall Capivara (Cachoeira da Capivara)

O que fazer em Cavalcante: Cachoeira da Capivara.
Cachoeira da Capivara. Foto: ©[Cesar Okada] via Canva

The Capivara Waterfall, located in the Kalunga territory near the Engenho II village, is a true natural treasure of Cavalcante. With an easily accessible trail, this waterfall stands out not only for its unique beauty but also for its proximity to other must-see attractions in the region. A mere 800-meter (2624 ft) walk from the parking area reveals an imposing waterfall, 40 meters high, creating a spectacle of transparent waters.

Practical information:

  • Trail: The trail to the Capivara Waterfall is accessible, requiring little physical effort and providing a suitable environment for those wishing to enjoy nature without long walks.
  • Costs: Admission to visit the Capivara Waterfall is usually charged separately, but options for combined packages, including other attractions like the Santa Bárbara Waterfall, can be explored for a more comprehensive and economical experience.

4. Candaru Waterfall (Cachoeira Candaru)

Things to Do in Cavalcante: Candaru Waterfall
Candaru Waterfall. Photo: Victor Augusto via

Immersed in the tranquil atmosphere of Cavalcante, the Candaru Waterfall reveals itself as a true hidden gem, little explored by visitors of Chapada dos Veadeiros. With its unique beauty and almost untouched status, this waterfall is a perfect choice for those seeking authentic experiences away from the more traditional trails.

The Candaru Waterfall, approximately 70 meters in height, is a vision of natural splendor. Its waterfalls create a mesmerizing spectacle, plunging into a wide pool of green-transparent waters. Surrounded by the lush vegetation of the cerrado, the serene atmosphere and sense of isolation make this waterfall a peaceful and enchanting retreat.

Practical information:

  • Distance: Located in a remote area of Cavalcante, reaching the Candaru Waterfall may require a somewhat more challenging journey.
  • Potential Access Difficulties: The distance and lack of tourist infrastructure can make access to the Candaru Waterfall a bit more demanding. It’s recommended to be prepared for hiking and to keep in mind that the effort will be rewarded by the exclusivity of the encounter with this natural wonder.

5. Complexo do Prata

Complexo do Prata.
Complexo do Prata. Foto: ©[cokada] via

Upon entering the heart of Cavalcante, visitors have the opportunity to explore the spectacular Silver Complex, a set of waterfalls located along the banks of the Silver River. This attraction, often overlooked by tourists, reveals itself as a treasure, offering a unique experience of connection with nature.

The Silver Complex is a set of natural wonders, with the Silver River carving its path through intriguing geological formations and providing a visual spectacle of crystal-clear natural pools. Each waterfall in the complex has unique features, creating a diverse scenario that captivates adventurers who venture into this hidden gem in the Chapada dos Veadeiros.


  • Geological Formations: The area of the Silver Complex is marked by fascinating geological formations, creating a picturesque scenario that blends rocks, waterfalls, and lush vegetation.
  • Natural Pools: The natural pools along the river offer refreshing opportunities for a rejuvenating swim, providing moments of relaxation amidst untouched nature.
  • Panoramic Landscapes: The located viewpoints offer stunning panoramic views, allowing visitors to contemplate the grandeur of the Chapada dos Veadeiros.

Practical information:

  • Guide Requirement: To make the most of the experience and ensure safety during the visit, it is highly recommended to hire a local guide. The guides, often members of the Kalunga community, have a deep knowledge of the area, providing valuable insights into the local flora, fauna, and history.
  • Accessibility: Although it is a remote attraction, the Silver Complex offers an accessible experience for those willing to explore the natural beauties of the region. Prepare for trails and hikes that provide an authentic immersion in the Chapada dos Veadeiros.

6. Stone Bridge (Ponte de Pedras)

Things to do in Calvacante: Stone Bridge.
Things to do in Calvacante: Stone Bridge. Photo: Guilherme Minoti via

The Stone Bridge stands out as one of the most impressive attractions in the Cavalcante region. This natural masterpiece, a stone arch 98 ft / 30 meters high over the São Domingos River. The rustic beauty of the stones, carved over millennia, offers a stunning scenery, especially when the sun paints the sky with warm colors at dusk.

Practical Information:

  • Hike: Access to the Stone Bridge involves a 4,34 miles / 7 km hike, with a medium to hard difficulty level. The trail, although challenging in some sections, is rewarding, offering adventurers the chance to connect with nature as they approach the impressive bridge.
  • Entrance Fee: Entry to explore the Stone Bridge usually requires the payment of a fee, which contributes to the site’s preservation. It is advisable to check the updated values at the time of the visit.
  • Need for a Guide: For a more enriching and safe experience, hiring a guide is recommended. Local guides know the paths, offer valuable information about the local flora and fauna, and ensure a more peaceful journey.

7. Macaws Valley (Vale das Araras)

Pousada Vale das Araras em Cavalcante.
Macaws Valley. Photo Pousada Vale das Araras.

Nestled in the wild, the Vale das Araras Inn is more than just a place to stay; it’s a gateway to exploring the natural wonders of Cavalcante. Surrounded by a private reserve, the inn not only offers cozy accommodations but also privileged access to trails that unveil the untouched beauty of the Chapada dos Veadeiros.

The Inn treats its guests, and even non-visitors, to the Araras Trail, a 3,10 miles / 5 km route that uncovers the secrets of the region. This trail, which takes approximately 30 minutes to complete, leads adventurers to the stunning São Bartolomeu Waterfall, a 6-meter-high waterfall, providing moments of pure delight amidst nature.

8. Nova Aurora Viewpoint / Ave Maria Waterfall (Mirante da Nova Aurora / Cachoeira da Ave Maria)

On the return route from a day full of discoveries at Santa Bárbara Waterfall, a must-stop awaits travelers: the Nova Aurora Viewpoint. Just 984 ft / 300 meters from the road, this strategic point not only offers stunning views of the Chapada dos Veadeiros mountains but also provides a unique spectacle by revealing the majestic Ave Maria Waterfall.

The Nova Aurora Viewpoint is a hidden gem, located a short walk from the road leading to Engenho II. With its strategic location, it offers a breathtaking panorama, standing out as the perfect setting to watch the sunset and absorb the grandeur of Chapada dos Veadeiros.

From the horizon of the Nova Aurora Viewpoint, visitors have the privilege of glimpsing the Ave Maria Waterfall, a stream of water 295 ft / 90 meters high that stands out against the natural backdrop. Although there is no direct access to the waterfall from the viewpoint, the panoramic view offers a unique perspective of the imposing beauty of the Ave Maria Waterfall.

9. Santana Waterfall (Cachoeira Santana)

Things to do in Cavalcante: Santana Waterfall.
Santana Waterfall. Photo: @lizleone

The Santana Waterfall stands out for its grandeur and unique beauty. The water flowing from the cascade forms a sequence of natural pools along the way, creating a paradisiacal scenario for visitors. The natural infinity pool, suspended 80 meters high, provides a spectacular view of the surroundings, making every moment in this oasis a true delight for the senses.

Practical Information:

  • Trail: Access to the Santana Waterfall involves a trail of about 500 meters in length. This walk, although short, allows adventurers to immerse themselves in the lush atmosphere of the cerrado, preparing themselves for the grandeur that awaits.
  • Entrance Fee: As it is located on private property, there is an admission fee to visit the Santana Waterfall. It is recommended to check the updated values before visiting.

10. Saltos Trail: An Adventurous Journey in the Chapada dos Veadeiros

Saltos Trail in Cavalcante, Goiás.
Saltos Trail. Photo: ©[vitormarigo] via

If you are a nature lover in search of intense thrills, the Saltos Trail in Cavalcante is the perfect option to explore the grandeur of the Chapada dos Veadeiros. This adventurous journey promises not only stunning views but also the opportunity to test your limits while marveling at the natural wonders around.

The Saltos Trail is a unique experience for adventurers who wish to dive into the wild essence of the Chapada dos Veadeiros. Spanning 7.45 miles / 12 kilometers, this trail takes explorers on an exciting journey filled with climbs, descents, and slippery sections. Each step is an opportunity to connect with the untouched beauty of the cerrado and uncover the secrets that the region holds.

Main Attractions:

  1. Saltos: The Saltos Trail leads adventurers to one of the most imposing points of the journey: the Salto Waterfall, with an impressive 120 meters of water drop. Further 800 meters along the trail, you encounter another waterfall with an 80-meter drop. This natural spectacle provides a unique experience, where explorers can refresh themselves in the crystal-clear waters.
  2. Black River Rapids: Along the trail, adventurers have the chance to explore the Black River Rapids, a true paradise for those seeking moments of relaxation. With natural pools and small falls, the Rapids offer the perfect opportunity to recharge and enjoy the serene landscape.

Practical Information:

  • Trail Duration: The Saltos Trail can take from 4 to 6 hours, depending on the pace of the explorers and stops along the way.
  • Difficulty Level: Considered moderate, the trail requires physical preparation, with steep climbs and descents. However, the reward lies in the spectacular views along the way.
  • Accessibility: The trail is well-marked and accessible, allowing most people with reasonable physical preparation to enjoy this experience. Additionally, there is a unique suspended trail in Brazil that leads to the Black River Rapids, providing inclusive access for people with disabilities and limited mobility.

11. São Félix Waterfall or São Félix Beach or Cerrado Beach

Cachoeira São Félix ou Praia São Félix
Cachoeira São Félix ou Praia São Félix. Foto: @cachoeirasaofelix (Instagram).

Discover the stunning São Félix Waterfall, also known as São Félix Beach or Cerrado Beach, 47,22 miles / 76 km from Cavalcante. With a 300-meter trail (984 ft), it offers the unique opportunity to camp amidst nature, with a equipped kitchen. Admission is affordable (R$50.00 per person), with an overnight option for R$120.00. Hiring a guide is mandatory. Ideal for all ages, it stands out for the “São Félix Beach,” with white sand, transparent waters, and sandbanks. During the dry season, it provides natural massages and contemplative dives. A natural jewel for unforgettable experiences.

How to Get to Cavalcante

Road through Chapada dos Veadeiros. Photo: ©[vitormarigo] via

By Plane: The closest airport to Cavalcante is the Juscelino Kubitschek, located in Brasília. Upon arriving in Brasília, travelers have the option to drive to Cavalcante, enjoying a scenic trip through the roads that cut across the cerrado.

By Bus: For those who prefer to travel by bus, the Santo Antônio bus company operates routes from Brasília to Cavalcante, passing through the Plano Piloto bus station and Alto Paraíso. Another option is the Real Expresso bus company, which offers services to Teresina de Goiás. From there, it’s possible to take additional transportation to reach Cavalcante.

By Car: For adventurers who wish to have total control over their journey, renting a car is the ideal option. Access to Cavalcante is via the GO-118 road. After passing through Alto Paraíso de Goiás, continue for another 40,38 miles / 65 km to Teresina de Goiás. From that point, it will be approximately 20 km to the charming Cavalcante. The car trip not only offers the freedom to explore the region at your own pace but also provides spectacular views along the way.

Practical Information:

  • When traveling by plane, it’s recommended to rent a car in Brasília to ensure mobility during your stay in Cavalcante.
  • The roads leading to Cavalcante are generally well-maintained, providing a smooth journey. However, it’s always a good idea to check the road conditions before starting the trip, especially during rainy periods.
  • Distances can vary depending on the starting point, but on average, the drive from Brasília to Cavalcante takes about 4 hours, covering around 192,62 miles / 310 km.

Best Time to Visit Cavalcante: Choosing the Perfect Moment in Chapada dos Veadeiros

Climatic Factors: The lush landscapes of Chapada dos Veadeiros vary considerably throughout the year. To enjoy all the tours without concerns about excessive rains, choosing the right time is essential. If possible, plan your trip in the months of April, May, June, or July. Many claim that the ideal options are April and May, marking the beginning of the dry season. During this period, the vegetation displays its most intense green, and the waterfalls flow more vigorously, providing unforgettable visual and sensory experiences.

Stunning Landscapes: Besides climatic factors, the landscapes of Chapada dos Veadeiros also undergo remarkable transformations throughout the year. During the dry season, the waterfalls stand out, revealing their beauty in all its splendor. The trails and viewpoints offer stunning panoramic views, providing unique opportunities to appreciate the vastness of the cerrado.

Where to Stay in Cavalcante

Check out the accommodation options available on the platform for nightly rates for two people.

  • Pousada Aruana: R$ 300
  • Pousada da Ana: R$ 250
  • Pousada Varanda da Serra: R$ 396
  • Pousada Recanto da Mata: R$ 195
  • Chalés Pássaros do Cerrado: R$ 190
  • Hostel Portal Das Fadas: R$ 213
  • Pousada Toca da Raposa: R$ 270
  • Chalés Magia Da Lua: R$ 220
  • Pouso do Beija-Flor: R$ 200
  • Pousada Refúgio da Chapada: R$ 250
  • Chalés Aconchego: R$ 225
  • Casa Da Ju Cavalcante: R$ 243
  • Pousada Sol: R$ 160
  • Hostel Recanto do Tucano: R$ 290
  • Casa temporada Flor de pitanga: R$ 220
  • Casa da Serra: R$ 630
  • Casa Jasmim: R$ 230
  • Flat Nascer do Sol em Cavalcante: R$ 600
  • Hostel & Camping Cavalcante: R$ 100
  • Pousada e Chácara Rasais: R$ 400
  • Flat Central em Cavalcante: R$ 620
  • Casa Temporada Dona Cecília: R$ 233


Whether it’s to refresh in the crystal-clear waters or to explore lush trails, Cavalcante offers an authentic and unforgettable experience. Let yourself be enveloped by the serenity of the place, creating memories that will echo in your soul long after your visit. The magic of Cavalcante is waiting for you – come and lose yourself in the enchanting simplicity of this extraordinary destination!


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