O que fazer em Anavilhanas
O que fazer em Anavilhanas

Things to do in Anavilhanas Amazon – The Complete Guide

Check out what to do in Anavilhanas, an archipelago of river islands located in the Novo Airão region, in the state of Amazonas, about 200 km from Manaus. The archipelago is made up of more than 400 river islands, which stretch for around 90 km along the Rio Negro.

With an area of ​​more than 350,000 hectares, it is considered the second largest freshwater archipelago in the world and is home to rich biodiversity, with diverse species of animals and native plants, being recognized as a Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Among the main attractions of Anavilhanas, the ecological trails, freshwater beaches and igapós, which are flooded forests characterized by the presence of giant trees and vines, stand out.

Anavilhanas is an unmissable destination for anyone who wants to discover the richness and beauty of the Amazon in the State of Amazonas. With its unique biodiversity and incredible natural attractions, the archipelago is a true forest treasure.

Things to do in Anavilhanas – 10 unmissable tours

1 – Boat ride

O que fazer em Anavilhanas: Passeio de Barco.
Boat ride. Photo: Disclosure.

Boat trips are one of the main activities in Anavilhanas. Boats are the best way to explore the waters and islands of the archipelago. During the tour, it is possible to observe the rich fauna and flora of the region, including exotic birds, fish and alligators. Some tours also include stops at secluded beaches and islands for swimming and relaxation.

2 – Jungle trails

O que fazer em Anavilhanas. Trilhas
Things to do in Anavilhanas. Trails. Photo: Disclosure.

The Amazon jungle is one of the richest ecosystems on the planet and jungle trails are an excellent way to experience this natural wealth. There are several hiking trails in Anavilhanas, which vary in length and difficulty. Some trails are guided by local experts who can share knowledge about the local flora and fauna.

3 – Canoe trip

A canoe trip is another way to explore the waters of Anavilhanas. Canoes are smaller and more agile than boats, allowing visitors to explore more remote areas of the archipelago. During the tour, you can observe wildlife and nature up close.

4 – Birdwatching

Galo da Serra bird. Photo: Disclosure.

Anavilhanas is a birdwatcher’s paradise, with more than 400 different species recorded in the archipelago. Visitors can join guided birding tours and see species such as the black-billed toucan, yellow-headed vulture and red-faced parrot.

5 – Get to know riverside communities

O que fazer em Anavilhanas. Conhecer as comunidades ribeirinhas.
Things to do in Anavilhanas. Get to know the riverside communities. Photo: Disclosure.

Anavilhanas is also an ideal destination for those who want to know a little more about the culture and way of life of riverside communities. Visitors can take guided tours of some local communities, where they can learn about fishing, agriculture and local craft production.

6 – Savor Amazonian cuisine

O que fazer em Anavilhanas. Culinária amazônia
Things to do in Anavilhanas. Amazonian cuisine. Source: Beiju Portal

Anavilhanas offers a rich and diverse regional cuisine, with dishes made with freshwater fish, regional fruits and other local ingredients. Visitors can try typical dishes such as tacacá, a tucupi broth with cassava gum, jambu and dried shrimp, and duck no tucupi, a duck-based dish cooked in a tucupi broth with jambu and rice.

7 – Night focus

Night focus. Photo: DISCLOSURE.

Nighttime animal watching on the Rio Negro, in the Anavilhanas Archipelago, is an exciting and unique activity for those who want to connect with nature and see animals in their natural habitat. Experienced and conscientious tour guides take tourists to places where it is possible to see a variety of nocturnal animals, such as alligators, birds and frogs.

8 – Things to do in Anavilhanas – Swim in the river on the beaches

Beaches in Anavilhanas. Photo: Disclosure

The beaches of the Anavilhanas archipelago are great places to swim in the river and enjoy the natural beauty of the region. Praia do Meio, located in front of the city of Novo Airão, offers a charming view and is ideal for spending part of the day cooling off in the river. Praia do Baranoá, located at the tip of one of the islands in the archipelago, is a stunning strip of sand that cannot be left out on a visit to the National Park.

9 – Almerinda Malaquias Foundation

Almerinda Malaquias Foundation. Photo: Disclosure

The Almerinda Malaquias Foundation (FAM) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) whose main objective is income generation and environmental education. Founded with the idea of ​​contributing to the sustainable and economic development of the population, with crafts, recycling and soap production.

10 – Watch the Sunset at Rio Negro

Sunset on the Rio Negro. Photo: Disclosure.

Watching the sunset over Rio Negro is an unforgettable experience in the Anavilhanas archipelago. The landscape is simply spectacular, with the sun setting on the horizon and reflecting in shades of orange and red on the dark waters of the river. The peaceful and silent environment provides a moment of reflection and connection with nature.

Where to Stay in Anavilhanas

For those looking for a more complete experience, there are accommodation options in luxury hotels and inns, which offer a complete leisure and gastronomy structure, as well as exclusive activities, such as seaplane trips and visits to riverside communities.

There are varied accommodation options available for those who want to travel and stay. The simplest inns tend to have daily rates from R$250 to R$300 for 2 people. However, Airbnb offers more affordable alternatives, such as the possibility of staying in a native’s home, where a common private room without air conditioning and breakfast can be found from R$100 per night.

It is also possible to hire complete luxurious and comfortable houses or chalets from R$1200 per night, offering a different accommodation experience.

With these options, it is possible to choose an accommodation that best fits each traveler’s budget and preferences.

How to get to Anavilhanas

The Anavilhanas archipelago is located on the Rio Negro and close to the city of Novo Airão, where leaving Manaus you can reach the destination by air, river or land.

How to get to Anavilhanas by air

The quickest option is to arrive by seaplane in the city of Novo Airão, but it is also the most expensive, costing around R$700 per person (one way or return).

How to get to Anavilhanas via river

To reach Novo Airão by river, boats leave from the Port of São Raimundo, in Manaus. Currently, there is no speedboat option, only a regional boat that takes around 9 hours to reach the destination. Boats leave from Manaus to Novo Airão at night, on Tuesdays and Fridays.

How to get to Anavilhanas by land

By land, there is the option of going by car, shuttle taxi or executive bus. By car, from Manaus, visitors must follow the AM-070 for around 86 km, towards Manacapuru, and then take the AM-352 highway to Novo Airão, a journey of around 98 km.

By taxi, the journey is faster, taking on average 2 and a half hours. However, the service is not 24 hours a day and you must first contact a service provider. The capacity can accommodate four passengers and there are two taxi services that provide transport between Manaus and Novo Airão: Sindicato dos Taxistas de Novo Airão (SINDTAXI) and Associação Anajaú Radio Táxi.


  • Novo Airão Taxi Drivers Union (SINDTAXI): (92) 99428-0595
  • Anajaú Radio Taxi Association: (92) 99191-9402

For those who opt for the executive bus, the companies that operate the route are Entram and Master, leaving from the Manaus bus station. The trip takes around 4 hours to Novo Airão, with a stop in Manacapuru on most routes. It is important to confirm opening times, which may vary.


  • Entram: (92) 3361-1329 or 3361-2127
  • Master: (92) 3365-1110, 99342-4510 or 98818-4490

When to go to Anavilhanas

If you are planning a trip to Anavilhanas National Park it is important to consider the time of year you will visit. Although the park is open year-round, each season offers different experiences.

During the dry season, from September to January, you can enjoy the park’s beautiful white sand beaches. During the rainy season, from February to August, it is the ideal time to follow the igapó water trails. Therefore, to make the most of your visit to Anavilhanas National Park, it is important to consider the time of year and plan your itinerary according to the activities you want to carry out.


Anavilhanas National Park is an incredible destination for nature and adventure lovers. With tour options for all tastes, from hiking on ecological trails to boat trips through igapós and streams, it is possible to enjoy stunning landscapes and unique fauna and flora. Furthermore, the region offers accommodation options ranging from simple inns to luxury homes, allowing each visitor to find the option that best suits their preferences and budget.


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