O que Fazer em Algodoal - O Guia Completo
O que Fazer em Algodoal - O Guia Completo

Things to do in Algodoal – The Complete Guide

Algodoal is the best-known and most sought-after village in the Maiandeua archipelago, located in the municipality of Maracanã, in Pará. The island is an Environmental Preservation Area and is bathed by the Atlantic Ocean. In addition to Algodoal, the other villages that make up the Maiandeua archipelago are Camboinha, Mocooca and Fortalezinha.

Although Algodoal was once a refuge for people looking for tranquility and contact with nature, it is currently a very popular destination and can get very busy during the July and New Year holidays.

Algodoal Island.

The island’s community is made up of simple and welcoming people who live mainly from fishing, subsistence agriculture, ecological and community tourism. Tourists who visit the island are enchanted by its bucolic and generous nature.

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Algodoal Waterway and Tourist Terminal

Algodoal Waterway and Tourist Terminal.

The Algodoal Waterway and Tourist Terminal offers various services to tourists arriving on the island. You can find chairs, bathrooms, luggage trolleys, ticket sales counters, a snack bar, luggage storage and a water fountain.

The Waterway Terminal is also a support point for tourists, who can obtain information on how to get around Algodoal, tourist attractions and other useful information to enjoy their stay on the island.

Princess Beach

Princess Beach.

Praia da Princesa in Vila de Algodoal is the busiest on Maiandeua Island, with a length of more than 13km (8.07 mile) of fine, white sand and greenish water.

On this beach, you can find several restaurants and kiosks with tables, chairs and umbrellas, making it perfect for lunch or spending the day. The journey from the village to the beach can be done on foot during low tide, but when the tide is high, canoeists can make the crossing for just R$2, the time takes around 5 to 10 minutes depending on the tide, and the crossing is super peaceful.

Dunes of Princesa Beach

Dunes of Princesa Beach.

The Dunes at Praia da Princesa are a true spectacle of nature. With their fine, white sands, they form a stunning setting that enchants visitors. In addition to being a perfect place to relax and enjoy the beauty of the place,

When climbing to the top of the dunes, it is possible to have an incredible view of Praia da Princesa, there is also a stretch where you can even do a Skibunda.

Secret Trail to the Algodoal Dunes

Secret Trail to the Algodoal Dunes.

Many visitors who venture up to the Algodoal Dunes end up climbing the strip of sand towards the top. However, there is a “secret trail” that leads to the dunes, but many are unaware of it.

The entrance to the trail is in the middle of vegetation and often goes unnoticed by tourists. The beauty of the place is worth it until you reach the top of the Algodoal dunes. To find it, ask the bar owners for guidance, as the access to this small trail is not one of the easiest to find.

Fortalezinha Beach

Praia de Fortalezinha em Maiandeua
Fortalezinha Beach.

Fortalezinha Beach belongs to the village that has the same name, it is very quiet and rustic, with a few kiosks and restaurants that open mainly on weekends and long holidays.

For those visiting the beach, it is recommended to bring food and drinks. Despite the lack of infrastructure, the beach offers a beautiful view of the Atlantic Amazon coast, as well as a wide variety of birds. The beach is also an excellent place for kitesurfing.

Camboinha trail to Fortalezinha

A great way to get to Vila de Fortalezinha is through a beautiful trail (6 km – 3.72 mile), it starts in Vila de Camboinha and follows a small road or trail to the charming village of Fortalezinha.

During the journey, it is possible to see different types of birds, such as hawks, woodpeckers and monkeys. The walking time usually takes around an hour and is an incredible experience for nature and adventure lovers.

Boat Trip through Furo Velho

O que fazer em Algodoal: Passeio de barco Furo Velho.
Boat Trip through Furo Velho

The Furo Velho Canal is an unmissable trip for boat lovers. It cuts through the islands of Algodoal and Fortalezinha, passing through the stunning Lagoa da Princesa. During the crossing of around 1 hour, it is possible to contemplate the beautiful local birds, getting to know the mangroves and natural landscapes.

Princess Lake (Lago da Princesa)

O que fazer em Algodoal: Lagoa da Princesa.
Princess lagoon. Photo: Cristiano Martins

Lagoa da Princesa is a beautiful place, but access via trail or dunes may seem complicated or tiring if you are not used to hiking, so it is recommended to hire a guide.

The dark waters of Lagoa da Princesa are due to the decomposition of leaves. You can get there on foot or by canoe.

What to do in Algodoal at night?

In the village of Algodoal, beachfront bars offer live music and local rhythms, such as tecnobrega and carimbó, for tourists to enjoy at night.

At night, the best place to visit is Mupéua Maiandeua, a restaurant, inn, cultural venue and live music. It is an ideal option for those looking to enjoy the nightlife in the village.

When to go to Algodoal?

From the end of December to April it tends to rain a lot in this region of the Amazon, so if you enjoy Algodoal in the sunniest periods, it is recommended to visit Maiandeua Island outside of this period.

Algodoal is a peaceful refuge for those looking for contact with nature in an environment outside of mass tourism. The most popular periods are the July and January holidays, as well as long holidays, such as Carnival, Holy Week or New Year’s Eve. At other times of the year, Algodoal is much calmer.

How to get around Algodoal?

 Vila de Algodoal
Algodoal Village. Photo: Bárbara Nicoli.

The island follows strict environmental preservation standards, which includes a ban on motor vehicles. In all the villages of Maiandeua, the streets are made of sand or low vegetation, quiet and ideal for walking, providing a relaxing countryside environment.

The three options for getting around Algodoal are by boat, on foot or by horse-drawn carriage. If you choose to walk, it is recommended to take a backpack instead of a suitcase, as the streets are sandy. Renting a bike is also a good option.

To get around Algodoal you can hire cart drivers, however if you are a nature lover and respect animals, we at Blog Turismo de Natureza recommend not using this means of transport out of respect for the horses that work all day under the sun.

Where to eat in Algodoal?

In Algodoal there are very good restaurant options for all budgets, in some places it is possible to have lunch or dinner with live music.

In the village of Algodoal

Some inns also function as restaurants and you can go to one of them to enjoy the local cuisine.

  • Pousada Ponta do Boiador is considered one of the best in Algodoal and its excellent restaurant covers a wide variety of dishes based on Pará gastronomy with refined dishes starting at R$40.
  • There are also more affordable restaurant options, Restaurante da Ilza offers dishes starting at R$23.
  • At Coroa Espaço Gourmet Restaurant you can find PFs for R$ 20 and also more elaborate fish-based dishes.
  • In the village of Algodol there are also snack bars and some small markets.

At Princesa Beach

At Praia da Princesa you will find a wide variety of bars and restaurants serving snacks and meals. Check out the best rated and most frequented ones below:

  • Restaurante Por do sol Algodoal:Pratos a partir de R$ 50 para 2 pessoas, como é o caso do do Peixe frito ( Arroz, fejão, vinagrete e farofa).
  • Bar da Pedra: Pratos a partir de R$ 20 para 1 pessoa, é o caso do prato Peixe frito ( Arroz, fejão, vinagrete e farofa).
  • Bar e Restauranta Vida Louca.

How many days should you stay in Algodoal?

2 days are enough to explore Vila de Algodoal and its main attractions without rushing. Now, if you also want to enjoy the village of Fortalezinha, you will need 3 days.

How to get to Algodoal?

To get to Vila de Algodoal from Belém do Pará, you must first arrive at the Port of Marudá, a district in the municipality of Marapanim, which is 160 km (99.41 mile) from Belém. The journey to there can be done by private car, bus, van or transfer.

From Belém to the Port of Marudá

By car to Algodoal

For those who choose to go by car, the journey is simple and easy. Just follow BR-316 until you reach Castanhal and, from there, continue on PA-136. The journey takes around 4 hours.

By bus to Algodoal

For those who prefer to go by bus, the cheapest way to get to Algodoal, you can buy your ticket at the Belém Bus Terminal. This means of transport is also the longest and on average takes 5 hours to travel.

Ticket Price: On average R$25

Transport: MH Transportes e Rápido Excelsior

The ticket is only purchased at the Belém bus terminal.

By Van to Algodoal

The vans that leave for Marudá also leave from the Belém Waterway Terminal.

Ticket Price: R$35

The ticket is only purchased at the Belém bus terminal.

Transfer (private cars) to Algodoal

Transfers leaving from Belém do Pará are a comfortable and quick option, but can be expensive depending on the number of passengers.

Transfers cost an average of R$80 per person (one way) leaving the capital of Pará. It picks up passengers at their homes or accommodations and drops them off at the port of Marudá.

Transfers normally travel until there is capacity, that is, up to 4 people in your car. Even if you are alone or accompanied, contact them to find out how many passengers they already have for the trip.

Transfer Junior contact: (91) 98916-8594

Transfer Valdeci contact: (91) 9156-8484

Also contact the establishment you are staying in Algodoal about more transfer contacts if the contacts mentioned above are unavailable.

From Marudá to the Algodoal Tourist Waterway Terminal

The Marudá River Port is where you can cross by boat to Algodoal, the trip takes around 40 minutes and costs R$15.

Check below the table with departure times from Marudá to Algodoal and Algodoal to Marudá:

O que fazer em Algodoal: Tabela dos Horários da travessia de barco de Marudá para Algodoal e Algodoal para Marudá.
Boat crossing times from Marudá to Algodoal and Algodoal to Marudá.


When visiting Algodoal, you will discover a true natural paradise full of unique beauty. From the beaches with warm waters to the incredible dunes of Praia da Princesa, trails, boat trips and the opportunity to get to know the local culture, there is a lot to do on this charming island in Pará.

Take the opportunity to relax and reconnect with nature, try the local cuisine and enjoy the hospitality of the residents. Algodoal will certainly be an unforgettable destination for your next trip.


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