Cachoeiras em São Paulo
Cachoeiras em São Paulo

The 10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in São Paulo

The State of São Paulo has several natural beauties and great destinations for ecotourism. If we only talk about its waterfalls, the trips to them already lead us to wonderful trails that are already worth it.

If you like nature walks and also waterfalls, then check out our list of waterfalls in São Paulo. Our list is made up of giant waterfalls, others with crystalline waters perfect for bathing and others simply for contemplation.

The 10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in São Paulo

1 – Cachoeira do Paquetá (Paquetá Waterfall)

Cachoeira do Paquetá em São Paulo Waterfalls in São Paulo – Paquetá Waterfall. Photo: Bruna Garcez.

Arriving at Cachoeira do Paquetá is not one of the easiest tasks. Located in the south of Ilhabela and not very busy, this waterfall is not among the main attractions in the region, as it requires a minimum physical preparation to reach it, around 1 hour of trail to the top of the waterfall.

Cachoeira do Paquetá has an infinity edge overlooking the sea, divided into two bases that form natural pools, the top one with an infinity edge. By the way, this waterfall is considered one of the secret paradises of Ilhabela.

Where: Ilhabela

Waterfall: –

Distance from São Paulo: 209 Km (129 miles)

2 – Cachoeira do Elefante (Elephant Waterfall)

Cachoeira do Elefante em São Paulo. Elephant Waterfall Photo: Osli Barroso.

The Elephant Waterfall is formed by three beautiful falls, the largest being 80 meters high. To get to the waterfall it is necessary to travel 9 km of trail, which can vary from 3 to 5 hours of walking, that is, depending on the pace of the walk and the stops for rest.

Cachoeira do Elefante is close to the capital São Paulo, located in Serra do Mar, next to the Mogi-Bertioga Highway, and can be reached by public transport, which costs R$4 by train and R$3.50 by intercity bus. It is also possible to take the train and van, costing around R$20.

Where: Biritiba Mirim

Waterfall: 80 meters (262 ft).

Distance from São Paulo: 90 km ( 55 miles)

3 – Cachoeira do Veado

Cachoeira do Veado em São Paulo. A Cachoeira do Veado.

Cachoeira do Veado is considered the most beautiful waterfall in the State of São Paulo and has 2 waterfalls that together form 200 meters (656 ft). Located in Serra da Bocaina National Park, the park that also appears in the State of Rio de Janeiro, and in 2019 received the title of Unesco World Heritage.

Accessing Cachoeira do Veado is not one of the easiest tasks, as to contemplate this wonder you must take the most famous crossing in the park called the Gold Trail ( Trilha do Ouro), which is a long-distance trail of approximately 50 km (31 miles) and covered by the mountains and mountains. from the Park.

The Gold trail starts in São José do Barreiro (São Paulo) and ends in the municipality of Mambucaba (Rio de Janeiro).

Where: São José do Barreiro

Waterfall: 200 meters ( 656 ft)

Distance from São Paulo: 270 km (167 miles)

4 – Cachoeira do Itambé (Itambe Waterfall)

Cachoeira do Itambé em São Paulo. Itambe Waterfall. Photo: Ademir Carosia.

The Itambé Waterfall is inside the private property of Camping do Zé Manso. The establishment has restrooms, barbecues, running water and a bar. For those who want to stay the night and camp, just pay a fee of R$ 15.

You can enjoy nature and contemplate the waterfall just through the lookout where the bar is located, but if you go to the base of the waterfall, the trail is considered of medium difficulty. Thus, it is not recommended for sedentary people, children and the elderly.

Where: Cássia dos Coqueiros

Waterfall: 84 meters (275 ft)

Distance from São Paulo: 290 km ( 180 miles)

5 – Cachoeira Queda de Meu Deus (Queda de Meu Deus Waterfall)

Cachoeira do Meu Deus em São Paulo. Queda de Meu Deus Waterfall. Photo: Divulgação.

The Queda de Meu Deus Waterfall is widely explored by tourist agencies in São Paulo due to the famous Oyster Trail that leads to it. This trail is located in an Environmental Protection Area of Vale do Ribeira, in the Jacupiranga State Park (PEJ) region.

The Queda de Meu Deus Waterfall is the last attraction of Trilhas das Ostras, along the way you will discover 12 waterfalls along its 6 km of trails. This tour must be carried out by a tour guide accredited and contracted by travel agencies.

On average, the tour of Trilhas das Ostras takes 6 hours to complete, during the walk there are stops to rest and bathe in the waterfalls.

Where: Eldorado

Waterfall: 53 meters (173 ft)

Distance from São Paulo: 250 km ( 155 miles)

6 – Cachoeira do Prumirim (Prumirim Waterfall)

Cachoeira do Prumirim ou Promirim em São Paulo. Prumirim Waterfall. Photo: Divulgação.

The Cachoeira do Prumirim or Promirim forms in the region of Aldeia Boa Vista, descends through the Serra do Mar, forming several waterfalls, and creating the three main wells in the visitation area.

You can go to the waterfall by car from Rio-Santos and from there look for a parking spot on the side of the road, then just drive a few meters until you find the waterfall.

Another alternative to get to Cachoeira do Prumirim is to follow a 3 km trail from Praia do Prumurim, in which case it is recommended to hire a guide, as the region poses a risk of waterspouts. On this tour the average cost with guide and transport is R$ 150 per person.

Where: Ubatuba

Waterfall: –

Distance from São Paulo: 240 km (149 miles)

7 – Cachoeira do Saltão (Saltão Waterfall)

Cachoeira do Saltão em São Paulo. Saltão Waterfall. Photo:

The Saltão Waterfall is located in the Saltão Ecotourism Park and taking a bath in its waters is a must, as well as taking the trails in the park. In addition, also discover the Monjolinho Waterfall and the Ferradura Waterfall, which are also within the park.

At Saltão Parque de Ecoturismo it is possible to relax for a whole day in the midst of nature and comfort, as the park offers all the necessary leisure facilities. Including barbecue kiosks, restaurants, camping and apartments. Entrance to the park costs R$ 30 for the general public and free for children aged 0 to 5 years.

Where: Itirapina

Waterfall: 75 meters (246 ft)

Distance from São Paulo: 230 km (142 miles)

8 – Cachoeira Véu de Noiva (Bridal Veil Waterfall)

Cachoeira Véu de Noiva, São Paulo. Bridal Veil Waterfall. Photo: @lucas_martins_oliveira_

The Véu de Noiva Waterfall is located 270 km (167 miles) away from São Paulo, within the Perequê Ecological Park. Access to it is via a 4 km (2 miles) trail, on the way we also find other waterfalls and also natural pools on the Perequê River.

The Perequê Ecological Park contains areas for trails, picnics and places to practice ecotourism.

Where: Cubatao

Waterfall: 40 meters (131 ft)

Distance from São Paulo: 270 km (167 miles)

9 – Cachoeira do Sem Fim (Endless Waterfall)

Cachoeira do Sem Fim, São Paulo. Endless Waterfall. Photo: Marcos Kim (Wikimedia).

The Endless Waterfall or Endless Waterfall is formed by three waterfalls with 10 meters (32 ft), 4 meters (13 ft) and 11 meters ( 6 miles). It is located in one of the most beautiful ecotourism areas in the State of São Paulo, in PETAR (Alto Ribeira State Tourist Park), which is considered one of the most important Conservation Units in the world. Today World Heritage, recognized by UNESCO.

Where: Iporanga

Waterfall: 25 meters (82 ft): sum of the 3 falls.

Distance from São Paulo: 315 km (195 miles)

10 – Cachoeira Cassorova (Cassorova waterfall)

Cachoeira Cassorova, São Paulo. Waterfalls in São Paulo – Cassorova Waterfall. Photo: Disclosure.

Cachoeira Cassorova is the most beautiful waterfall in Brotas, chosen by Guia 4 Rodas. It has two waterfalls that together are 60 meters (196 ft) high, with an excellent natural swimming pool.

Cachoeira Cassorova has the best canyoning practice (Rapelling in the waterfalls) in Brotas. The waterfall is located in the Ecoparque Cassorova, to get to it just walk for 5 minutes on a short 200m (656 ft) trail, all paved, self-guided and with handrails, which guarantees greater safety for the ride.

Entrance fee to Ecoparque Cassorova: R$100 for adults, R$50 for children between 6 and 10 years old and free for children up to 5 years old.

Where: Brotas

Waterfall: 60 meters (196 ft)

Distance from São Paulo: 244 km (151 miles)

Final considerations

If you like hiking, being in contact with nature and you love bathing in waterfalls, then the waterfalls in the State of São Paulo will satisfy all these needs. By the way, they are great alternatives to the beaches, most of the waterfalls are accessible and excellent for bathing.


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