As 10 melhores Praias da Paraíba
As 10 melhores Praias da Paraíba

The 10 best beaches in Paraíba

With just over 130 km ( 80 miles) in length, the coast of Paraíba is made up of colorful cliffs, dense vegetation, lookouts and stunningly beautiful beaches that impress even the most demanding tourists. Following our purpose to explore and promote Brazilian nature, The 10 best beaches in Paraíba.

The 10 best beaches in Paraíba

1 – Praia da Ilha Vermelha (Red Island Beach) – João Pessoa

As 10 melhores Praias da Paraíba. Praia da Ilha Vermelha em João Pessoa The 10 best beaches in Paraíba. Praia da Ilha Vermelha in João Pessoa. Photo: Ismael Farias.

Praia Vermelha is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in all of Paraíba. The place is, in fact, a sandbank with a reddish color that forms at low tide.

And if you think that the fact that the beach is literally in the middle of the ocean means that the place does not have the minimum infrastructure, you are very wrong. There are food and drink stalls like on any other beach. The only difference is that when the tide rises again and covers the sandbar, the entire structure of the island comes to the ground and the boats return to the shore.

2 – Praia de Tabatinga ( Tabatinga Beach) – Conde

Praia de Tabatinga em Conde Tabatinga beach in Conde. Photo: Creative Commons – Flickr – rvcroffi.

At Praia de Tabatinga there is almost no movement or structure – so it is important to take some fruit or water to explore the place without any problems, however its beautiful beach compensates for any adversity, which for lovers of ecotourism and trails is not a problem.

3 – Praia de Coqueirinho ( Coqueirinho Beach) – Conde

As 10 melhores Praias da Paraíba. Praia de Coqueirinho em Conde Coqueirinho beach in Conde. Photo: Cacio Murilo. 

Em formato de enseada, a Praia do Coqueirinho oferece aos visitantes águas calmas e quentinhas que fazem qualquer um se esquecer de todo ou qualquer problema. Além disso você pode chegar até ela saindo da Praia de Tabatinga em uma caminhada de 3 km, bem como por um passeio de bugue.

A Praia do Coqueirinho possui uma excelente infraestrutura e não só está como entre as melhores Praias da Paraíba, como também é uma das mais bonitas do Brasil.

4 – Praia Bela (Beautiful Beach)- Pitimbu

Praia Bela em Pitimbu. Beautiful Beach in Pitimbu. Foto: Gilberto Stuckert. 

Praia Bela is known for its tranquility and its many natural attractions. The sea is slightly agitated and has warm and transparent waters, suitable not only for bathing but also for water sports such as kitesurfing and sailing.

The surrounding forest is native and preserved – which makes the place even more beautiful. The infrastructure there is very good and has, among other things, several options of bars and restaurants serving the best of local cuisine.

5 – Praia de Cabo Branco (Cabo Branco Beach) – João Pessoa

Praia de Cabo Branco em João Pessoa. Paraíba Cabo Branco Beach in João Pessoa. Photo: Divulgação. 

Considered the most beautiful urban beach in João Pessoa, Praia de Cabo Branco has a beautiful infrastructure that contrasts harmoniously with the surrounding green area. The sea does not have very strong waves and is suitable for swimming. If you are looking for peace and quiet, our tip is to stay at the end of the beach, on the south side, where there are few people and a scenery that is undeniably emotional.

6 – Praia do Poço ( Poço Beach) – Cabedelo

Praia do Poço em Cabedelo, Paraíba.Poço Beach in Cabedelo. Photo: Marcos Borges Filho. 

If you think you need to travel to the Caribbean to see a sea worthy of film productions, you are very wrong. There are identical beaches here and one of them is Praia do Poço. In addition to a magnificent color, the sea is super calm and suitable for swimming.

It is from Praia do Poço that the tour boats leave for Ilha Vermelha.

7 – Praia Barra de Camaratuba (Barra de Camaratuba Beach) – Mataraca

As 10 melhores Praias da Paraíba. Praia Barra de Camaratuba em Mataraca. The 10 best beaches in Paraíba. Barra de Camaratuba beach in Mataraca. Photo: Disclosure.

Located in the extreme north of Paraíba, more precisely in a fishing village, Praia Barra de Camaratuba is a charm in itself. To get to know this region better, a good option is to rent the good old buggy. Thus, it is possible to discover other parts of the beach, such as dunes and mangroves.

8 – Praia do Jacaré ( Jacaré Beach) – Cabedelo

Pôr do Sol na Praia do Jacaré em Cabedelo, Paraíba.
Sunset at Jacaré Beach in Cabedelo. Photo: Disclosure.

Praia do Jacaré is quite busy. Every day, locals and tourists gather on the walls or on the catamarans to enjoy the sunset.

Catamaran rides depart at 4 pm (daily) and last around 90 minutes.

9 – Praia Ponta de Lucena (Ponta de Lucena Beach) – Lucena

Praia Ponta de Lucena em Lucena. Praia Ponta de Lucena em Lucena. Foto: Divulgação. 

The sea at Praia Ponta de Lucena is very calm and perfect for taking a dip, with temperatures ranging between 23ºC ( 73ºF ) and 28ºC ( 82ºF). There is not a large tourist structure, but there are various food and drink stalls. Be sure to try the traditional fish in the pot with rice and mush – it’s super worth trying.

10 – Praia de Intermares (Intermares Beach) – Cabedelo

Praia de Intermares em Cabedelo. Intermares beach in Cabedelo. Photo:

Praia de Intermares is busy and ideal for surfers, windsurfers and kitsurfers. In addition, from time to time turtles lay their eggs in the region (which is already quite a spectacle). It is quite busy and good for those who want to socialize.


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