As 10 melhores Praias de Alagoas
As 10 melhores Praias de Alagoas

The 10 best beaches in Alagoas

The tropical coast of Alagoas is marked by white sand beaches full of palm trees, crystal clear waters and coral reefs.

If you love the beach and are thinking about having a golden vacation or even have the flexibility to travel. So my friends, you certainly need to include Alagoas in your plans. The state is full of beaches and, fortunately, one is more paradisiacal than the other. Check out our list of the 10 best beaches in Alagoas below.

The 10 best beaches in Alagoas for those who love paradisiacal settings

1. São Miguel dos Milagres Beach

As melhores Praias de Alagoas. Praia São Miguel dos Milagres
The best beaches in Alagoas. São Miguel dos Milagres Beach – São Miguel dos Milagres. Photo: Disclosure.

Located in São Miguel dos Milagres, on the north coast of Alagoas, São Miguel beach is ideal for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of Maragogi.

São Miguel dos Milagres beach is much quieter and more reserved, but it is incredibly beautiful and has natural pools when the tide is low. The highlight of this beach really is the peace.

The infrastructure is not one of the greatest, especially because São Miguel village has the feel of a small country town, with very simple houses. Its charm lies precisely in its simplicity, and on the beaches you can always see fishermen’s boats and rafts.

2. Antunes Beach

Praia de Antunes em Maragogi The best beaches in Alagoas. Antunes Beach – Maragogi. Photo: Disclosure.

This beach, located in Maragogi, is almost on the border with Pernambuco. The beach has a beautiful strip of coconut trees, the sea, in the morning, takes on beautiful colors, making you feel exactly like you are in the Caribbean.

However, it is important that you know that on weekends the beach receives a large number of tourists and locals. So, if you don’t like a large beach, with a lot of talk and, sometimes, having to fight for a little space on the sand, prefer to enjoy the beach on weekdays.

3. Galés de Maragogi

Praia Galés em Maragogi. The best beaches in Alagoas. Galés Beach – Maragogi. Photo: Disclosure.

Also located in Maragogi, Praia Galés is very busy and receives a lot of people, especially on the weekend. However, this still remains a mandatory stop if you are going to Alagoas. It is certainly the main postcard of the coast of Alagoas.

4. Gunga Beach

Praia do Gunga em Alagoas The best beaches in Alagoas. Gunga Beach.

Many consider Praia do Gunga to be the best beach in Alagoas. And, in addition to the beach being impressive, the countless coconut trees before reaching the beach are also impressive. So that you can see it and simply be amazed at the perfection, I recommend that you go to Mirante do Gunga, at the entrance to the beach.

Of course, being one of the best beaches in the state, it has good infrastructure. Including for all tastes and budgets. If you just want to relax and enjoy the view and the sea, you can sit in one of the many tents on this beach.

If you’re more adventurous, you can also take a buggy or quad bike ride to the Gunga cliffs.

5. Barra de São Miguel Beach

Praia Barra de São Miguel The best beaches in Alagoas. Barra de São Miguel Beach – Barra de São Miguel. Photo: Wesley Menegari.

Located in Barra de São Miguel, this beach is relatively close to Gunga beach, in fact, the only thing separating it is Lagoa do Roteiro. And, well, if you are traveling with the family, the beach, at low tide, forms a very large and shallow natural pool, ideal for families with children.

6. Japaratinga Beach

Praia de Japaratinga em Alagoas The best beaches in Alagoas. Japaratinga Beach – Japaratinga.Photo:

Located in Japaratinga, this is a beach that, when the tide is low, you can walk about 500 meters into the sea, without sinking.

Japaratinga beach is known for being more affordable and less crowded. Therefore, many tourists end up preferring to go to this beach to take different tours and enjoy the natural pools, instead of going to Maragogi.

7. Ipioca Beach

Praia de Ipioca em Maceió, Alagoas., The best beaches in Alagoas. Ipioca Beach – Maceió. Photo: Disclosure.

Located just 40 minutes from the center of Maceió, Praia de Ipioca is highly recommended by tourists who like more excitement, and the main reason is because of the Hibiscus Beach Club. This establishment is located in a gated community and has a stretch of Ipioca beach that is simply paradisiacal.

The infrastructure of the Hibiscus Beach Club is a spectacle in itself and, of course, that is why tourists recommend it so much. The tent has a large restaurant, DJ, live music, swimming pool, lounge, sun loungers.

8. Patacho Beach

Praia do Patacho em Porto de Pedras The best beaches in Alagoas. Patacho Beach – Porto de Pedras. Photo: Luis Morais.

Located in Porto de Pedras, Praia do Patacho has a wonderful strip of coconut trees, has a sea in shades of green and doesn’t have many buildings around it.

But, even if you are thinking of a beach almost just for you, you are wrong, since, as the beach has gained a certain fame in recent times, you won’t be the only one to enjoy what it offers. However, the beauty of the beach is still incredible.

9. Marapé Dunes

Dunas de Marapé em Jequiá da Praia. The 10 best beaches in Alagoas. Marapé Dunes – Jequiá da Praia. Photo: Luiz Eduardo Vaz.

Dunas de Marapé is a beach located in the municipality of Jequiá da Praia, 60 kilometers from Maceió. Considered by the specialized press as one of the ten most beautiful beaches in Brazil, one of the attractions of the place is the meeting of the Jequiá River with the transparent waters of the sea. Undeniably beautiful!

Access to the beach is via boat crossing. There is a wide variety of activities offered on site, such as: Horse riding, buggy riding and boat riding.

10. French Beach

Praia do Francês em Marechal Deodoro The best beaches in Alagoas. Praia do Francês – Marechal Deodoro. Photo: Cleferson Comarela.

Located in Marechal Deodoro, Praia do Francês is ideal for those who like a busy beach, as it has restaurants, stalls, loud music coming from kiosks, street vendors and even flannels. In other words, if you want a more lively place, believe me, Praia do Francês is the perfect place.

At low tide, the beach forms a natural pool that invites anyone to take a dip. And, if you want to get away from all this activity, just walk for a while and you will find a much more reserved part of the beach.


Who said that to experience the natural beauty of a beautiful sea like the Caribbean you need to travel abroad? The coast of Alagoas is proof that we have natural beauty that is no less than the beaches of the Caribbean


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