Serras Gerais
Serras Gerais

Serras Gerais – Unmissable Ecotourism in Tocantins

The Serras Gerais, located in the southeast of Tocantins, are a true treasure of Brazilian ecotourism. With the largest set of mountains in Brazil, the region surprises with the mixture of the arid landscape of the cerrado and the crystalline waters of rivers and waterfalls in shades of blue and green.

Although little explored, the region’s tourist circuit already enchants visitors for its tranquility and the diversity of natural attractions, such as rivers, dunes, canyons, waterfalls, lakes and caves. Come and discover the wonders of the Serras Gerais and be enchanted by the culture of Tocantins!


What to do in Serras Gerais – Cities

The most popular municipalities for tourism are Almas, Aurora do Tocantins, Natividade, Rio da Conceição and Dianópolis.

What to do in Aurora do Tocantins

Aurora do Tocantins.
Aurora do Tocantins. Foto: Divulgação.

Aurora is one of the main tourist destinations in the Serras Gerais and offers many unmissable attractions. The Rio Azuis is the third smallest river in the world, but its beauty is immense, with crystalline waters in shades of blue and stunning nature all around.

Rios Azuis, o menor rio da américa latina.
Rios Azuis. Foto: Divulgação.

Poço Paraíso is another incredible place to bathe in transparent waters with palm trees on the banks. At Poço Azul, you can cool off and drink clean water in the midst of an unforgettable turquoise blue color.

Praia do Pequizeiro is a place with white sand and crystalline waters surrounded by the green immensity of nature, while Praia do Puçá offers a complete structure to receive tourists. At Balneário Douradas, bathed by the Palma River, there is typical white sand and water in greenish tones.

Escorrega do Betim is a place that offers peace and quiet, with several wells in greenish tones and an incredible natural slide. If you like waterfalls, be sure to visit the Bacupari Baths complex, the Hydromassage Waterfall and the Bartolomeu Waterfall.

The city also has dunes and rocky walls carved by the action of wind and rain, which form small formations in the shape of totems, and caves, such as Gruta dos Moura, Gruta do Sabiá and Gruta do Melado.

Things to do in Nativity

Cachoeira do Paraíso em Natividade.
Cachoeira do Paraíso. Photo: Emerson Silva

Natividade is the oldest city in Tocantins and Historical Heritage by IPHAN. There you can visit the Igreja Matriz de Nossa Senhora da Natividade and the Historical Museum of Natividade (former prison).

For nature lovers, the Complexo de Cachoeiras do Paraíso is a true paradise, with trails, river beaches and five waterfalls to cool off and relax.

If you like hiking, you can’t miss the Gold Trail, which is about 8 km round trip and was the path taken by slaves, leading to the top of the mountain, where the ruins of Arraial de São can be found. Luís, the first city in the region built by the bandeirantes.

Things to do in Rio da Conceicao

Lagoa do Serra em Serras Gerais.
Lagoa da Serra (Serra Lagoon). Photo: Rodrigo Sargaço.

Rio da Conceição is a small town in Serra Gerais that enchants its visitors with its waterfalls, rivers and a lagoon with crystalline blue waters in the middle of the Cerrado.

Lagoa da Serra is one of the most beautiful places in the region, overlooking the large rocky walls and arid vegetation. The Boia Cross along the Manuel Alves River is an exciting adventure, while the Travessia das 17 Quedas and the Brejo Limpo Waterfall are a mixture of canyoning and waterfalls that offer incredible landscapes.

Morro do fumo fica na Estação Ecológica da Serra Geral, em Rio da Conceição.
Morro do fumo is located at the Serra Geral Ecological Station, in Rio da Conceição – Photo: Zé Paiva

The Mirante do Cerrado offers a panoramic view of the region and is a great place to enjoy the sunrise or sunset.

Things to do in Almas

Cânion nas Serras Gerais.
Enchanted Canyon. Photo: Thiago Sá.

Almas is a destination full of natural beauties, such as waterfalls, canyons and a city of stones. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Enchanted Canyon, the most famous tourist spot in the Serras Gerais, with 80-meter-high walls, waterfalls and natural pools.

Cidade de Pedra and Cachoeira dos Pelados form a group of sandstone rocks with different shapes, while Vale dos Pássaros is home to the beautiful Urubu Rei and Cortina waterfalls.

Arco do Sol em Serras Gerais.
Arco do Sol. Foto: Divulgação.

Cachoeira da Capivara and Cachoeira do Portal are recent attractions, with perfect waters for a refreshing swim, and Arco do Sol is a rock formation in pink tones that offers an incredible view of the sunset in the cerrado.

Things to do in Dianopolis

Turismo em Dianópolis.
Fortaleza dos Guardiões. Foto: Divulgação.

If you are looking for adventure and nature, Dianópolis, the “Land of Dianas”, is the ideal destination for you! With its caves, canyons, waterfalls, springs and rivers, the city offers a series of tourist activities.

When visiting Dianópolis, you cannot miss the Fortress of the Guardians, an impressive stone city carved by nature over many years. The place looks like a natural fortress and the sunset offers dazzling reflections.

Another unmissable attraction is Vale Encantado, which offers a trail through the forest, the incredible vegetation of the cerrado and caatinga, streams and even a cave full of stalactites and stalagmites. And if you want to enjoy it even more, be sure to visit Cachoeira da Ré and Cachoeira das Orquídeas, located in Vale Encantado.

When is the best time to visit the Serras Gerais

If you want to enjoy everything the region has to offer, the best time to go is between April and November, during the dry season.

How much does it cost to tour the Serras Gerais?

The more people in the car, the lower the price per person! Travel agencies offer complete packages, including accommodation, meals, tickets to private attractions, transfer and accredited guide.

The amount varies according to the number of days of the trip and how many people will be with you. So, gather your group and explore the natural beauties of Serras Gerais!

Check below a summary of 2 itineraries offered by travel agencies.

5 days itinerary in Serras Gerais

The complete package of 5 days in Serras Gerais costs around R$ 2600 to R$ 3000 per person, with accommodation in double or triple rooms, that is, according to the tour offered below.

On the first day, the adventure begins with a pick up at the chosen hotel in Palmas, followed by a visit to the beautiful Lagoa do Japonês and the iconic Pedra Furada. Lunch will be at Lagoa do Japonês, to replenish energy.

On the second day, the destination is Dianápolis, where you will explore the mysterious Enchanted Canyon, the stunning Stone City and the refreshing Cachoeira dos Pelado. In the evening, have dinner to recharge your batteries.

The third day will be in Rio da Conceição, where you will have the opportunity to visit the stunning Cachoeira do Cavalo Queimado, the charming Manoel Alves River and the relaxing Lagoa da Serra. And of course, a delicious dinner to end the day.

On the fourth day, in Aurora do Tocantins, you will be enchanted by the Blue Rivers, the beautiful Praia do Puça and the incredible Cachoeira do Sombra. And to recharge your batteries, lunch and dinner are included in the package.

Finally, on the fifth and last day, the stop is in Natividade, where you will explore the Historic Center listed by IPHAN. After the visit, return to Palmas.

In addition to all these adventures, the package includes accommodation in Dianópolis with full board, visit fee to the attractions, accredited tour guide and travel insurance.

7 days itinerary in Serras Gerais

For R$3400 to R$3600 per person, you can take advantage of a 7-day itinerary in Serras Gerais that includes transfer, accommodation, food (lunch and dinner) on the days of the tours, visit fee to the attractions, accredited tour guide and insurance trip.

On the first day, you will be transferred to your accommodation in Palmas. On the second day, you will head to Natividade, where you can visit the stunning Cachoeira do Paraíso, the romantic Cachoeira do Amor and enjoy a delicious Colonial Coffee.

On the third day, the destination will be Rio da Conceição. There, you can enjoy a water trail on the Brejo Limpo River, visit the incredible Brejo Limpo Waterfall and relax in the beautiful Lagoa da Serra.

On the fourth day, you will go to Conceição, where you will have a unique experience with Boia Cross on the Manoel Alves River and you will be able to enjoy an incredible view of the sunset from Mirante de Serra.

On the fifth day, you will head to Almas and Ponte Alta. During the tour, you will have the opportunity to visit Cachoeira do Urubu Rei, Vale dos Pássaros and the impressive Cachoeira da Cortina. And to end the day in style, the sunset at Arco do Sol.

On the sixth day, you’ll head to Taquaraçu, where you can cool off at the Escorrega Macaco and Roncadeira waterfalls. After lunch, return to Palmas.

On the seventh day, you will be transferred to the airport. This is the perfect package for an amazing week in Serras Gerais!

Is it possible to visit the Serras Gerais on your own?

The answer is yes and no. Some attractions are accessible without a guide, but most are on private property and can only be visited with an accredited guide. Also, the roads are not signposted and the internet is poor. Therefore, the ideal is to hire a tourism agency with guides and 4×4 vehicles to see all the attractions safely.

If you want to venture out alone, hire a guide for the day and enjoy the trip!

Tips on what to take when you go to Serras Gerais

  • Bath towel for walks;
  • Sneakers or comfortable hiking boots;
  • Long-sleeved T-shirt with UV protection;
  • Warm clothing (it tends to be cold at night between May and September)
  • Sunscreen and hat;
  • Repellent;
  • Sunglasses;
  • Remedies for personal use
  • Camera;
  • Canteen or hydration backpack;
  • Flashlight;
  • Raincoat (from November to February);
  • Cash.


The Serras Gerais in Tocantins are an incredible destination for nature and ecotourism lovers. With its waterfalls, rivers, lakes, caves, trails and exuberant fauna and flora, it offers unique and unforgettable experiences for those looking to connect with nature.


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