Núcleo Ouro Grosso. PETAR
Núcleo Ouro Grosso. PETAR

Ouro Grosso Visitation Center – PETAR – Ecotourism

The Ouro Grosso Center is located close to the community of Bairro da Serra. This center serves as a base for all visitors to PETAR, as accommodation for public schools, checkpoints, kitchen, auditorium, restrooms, among other devices that serve as a base for holding courses, events and meetings at the PETAR itself. community.

Check out the main tourist attractions in Ouro Grosso Visitation Center (Núcleo Ouro Grosso)

The Ouro Grosso Cave

Caverna do Ouro Grosso
Ouro Grosso Cave. Photo: Daniel Menin.

With around 1100 meters (3608ft) long, only 200 meters (656ft) are available for visitation. Of all the PETAR caves, this is the one that will require the greatest courage and contortionism from its visitors.

It takes an average of 2 hours to get to know it along a difficult route full of waterfalls, wells and natural pools with deep waters. Although it is a challenging cave that requires assistance from instructors, at the end of the journey, it is well worth it.

Alambari de Baixo Cave

Caverna Alambari de Baixo. PETAR.
Ouro Grosso Visitation Center: Alambari de Baixo Cave. Photo: Disclosure.

The Alambari de Baixo Cave is named after the Alambari River that penetrates its interior. The cave is 890 meters long and has an incredible 32 meters of elevation difference, which makes the journey very difficult and challenging. The cave has two entrances, a smaller one that allows you to cross the hill and a larger one, this one has no way out.

Casa de Farinha (Flour House)

Casa da Farinha. Núcleo Ouro Grosso
Casa da Fainha. Photo: Disclosure.

Casa de Farinha – This is a mini museum with artisanal pieces, which portrays how slaves and former residents of the community produced flour and products from cassava through subsistence agriculture. It is possible to see very rustic tools that have lasted a few centuries.

Figueira Trail (Trilha da Figueira)

Trilha da Figueira
Figueira Trail. Photo: Disclosure.

The Figueira Trail – The trail is on average 392 meters (1286ft) long and is named after a gigantic, century-old fig tree, which takes the visitor along the entire trail to the entrance of the Ouro Grosso cave.


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