como chegar no pantanal do mato grosso do sul
como chegar no pantanal do mato grosso do sul

How to get to the Pantanal from Mato Grosso do Sul

By airplane

Campo Grande Airport

Direct flights to Campo Grande depart from São Paulo Via Congonhas (GOL or LATAM), Guarulhos (Azul, Gol and LATAM) and Campinas (Azul); from Cuiabá (Azul or Avianca), from Brasília (Avianca, Gol and LATAM); and Goiânia (Blue).

Corumba Airport

There is the possibility of traveling directly from Campo Grande to Corumbá by plane with the Azul company.

In high season, surprisingly, the price of a ticket on this stretch is in the range of R$1200 to R$2000. Very expensive! Since these destinations are in the same State.

By car

On how to get to the Pantanal of Mato Grosso do Sul from the capital Campo Grande, take BR-262 to Aquidauana (146 km – 90 miles), Miranda (218 km – 135 miles) and Corumbá (441 km – 274 miles).

However, to travel between the cities of the Pantanal by car, it is recommended that you rent a 4×4 car due to the characteristics of the Pantanal roads, where many of them are dirt roads and others flooded, depending on the season when you go.

By bus

If you decide to take the bus from Campo Grande, the options for getting to the Pantanal are:

From Campo Grande to Aquidauana
Time: 4h 15m
Price: R$43.17.

From Campo Grande to Miranda
Time: 3h 20m
Price: R$64.27 (Conventional/Executive) or R$87.87 (Bed).

From Campo Grande to Corumba

Time: 3h 20m Price: R$124.77 (Conventional/Executive) or R$150 (Bed). Leaving the bus station, all trips to these bus destinations are carried out by Viação Andorinha.

When to go to the Pantanal

The Pantanal changes its landscape every season! The largest floodplain in the world is governed by cycles of rain and drought that completely affect the scenery. Therefore, before traveling, it is necessary to plan which season you prefer to take the tours.

Transpantaneira no Pantanal
How to get to the Pantanal of Mato Grosso do Sul. Transpantaneira. Photo: Junior Morigi.

Dry period – From May to September

The dry season is the best period to observe the Pantanal animals, water puddles are formed and the animals go to these places to quench their thirst and also in search of food.

In the dry season the trees lose some of their green due to the fall of their leaves and the landscape becomes arid brown, however it is the best period to observe the diversity of wildlife. It is also the period when the birds begin to mate and when the pink and yellow ipês bloom during a few weeks in August.

The most popular activities during the dry season are: Photo safaris, nocturnal focus on animals and ecological walks.

Rainy season – From October to May

Life is renewed in the Pantanal during the flood season. Thus, the green is taken over by the landscape and most of the plain is flooded. By the way, including a good part of the roads, the accesses to the places are now dominated by boats.

The mirrors of water formed where there was drought before, a new scenario is created, another nature, therefore another beauty. Mammals start to stay in the highest places, while the birds, after mating during the dry period, now take advantage of the abundance brought by the rains to feed their young.

Car and horse rides become even more exciting at this time, as well as greater options for boat rides.


o que levar no Pantanal
What to take to the Pantanal?

What to pack for your trip to the Pantanal:

  • Laterna;
  • Boné ou chapéu;
  • Roupas leves e que sejam confortáveis;
  • Protetor solar;
  • Repelente;
  • Capa de chuva;
  • Binóculos;
  • Óculos de sol;
  • Protetor labial;
  • Tênis ou bota própria para trilha.


Did you know that the city of Bonito is not that far from the Pantanal Mato Grosso do Sul? Have you ever thought about doing this “double” in these 2 destinations?

Located halfway between Campo Grande and Corumbá, the City of Miranda is a short distance from Bonito, around 150 km ( 93 miles), around 2 hours of travel, and you can also travel by plane to Bonito Airport, since 2017, a new route by the Azul company makes the triangular stretch Campinas-Bonito-Corumbá.


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