Como chegar na Ilha do Cardoso em São Paulo
Como chegar na Ilha do Cardoso em São Paulo

How to get to Cardoso Island – Ecotourism

As Cardoso Island is a place of environmental preservation, the construction of numerous routes to the place was avoided. Therefore, getting to the island can be a slightly complicated journey, but not impossible. So stay tuned and check out how to get to Ilha do Cardoso.

Cardoso Island is on the border of São Paulo and Paraná, in an environment full of state parks. Therefore, the only nearby municipality used as an access point is Cananéia.

How to get to Cananéia

Mapa Como chegar na Ilha do Cardoso
Map How to get to Cardoso Island.

Cananéia is 245 km (152.23 mile) from the capital of São Paulo. A car journey leaving along the Régis Bittencourt highway (BR-116) towards Registro will take the traveler to Cananéia. This route can last around 4 hours, and soon it will no longer be possible to follow the route on a track, but rather on a boat.

Access to Cananéia is via a bridge, to the north of the island, or by ferry, to the south.

How to get to Cananeia via the bridge (Euclides Figueiredo)

The journey across the bridge is quicker than by ferry, so after Registro, take exit 478 onto SP-226, signposted to Pariquera Açu, Iguape and Cananéia. Follow the road for 27 km (16.77 mile) until the access to Estrada Pref. José Herculano de Oliveira Rosa at the roundabout, and through it to Cananeia.

How to get to Cananéia by ferry

After Registro take exit 478 onto SP-226, this time go straight until Itapintangui. This route is further away and may cause delays.

If you are crossing by ferry, check the crossing times and prices here.

How to get to Cardoso Island

Cardoso Island is distributed across nuclei, the main ones being: Marujá, where the largest structure on the island is located and is the most sought after; Perequê, closest to Cananéia; And Pontal do Leste, on the south end of the island.

How to get to Cardoso Island: Schooners

Como Chegar na Ilha do Cardoso via escuna
How to get to Cardoso Island via schooner.

Schooners are cheaper, but much longer. The journey to Maraujá, for example, can take more than 3 hours. During the crossing, tourists can enjoy spending time watching dolphins and porpoises, something common in the region.

How to get to Cardoso Island: speedboats

Como chegar na Ilha do cardoso por voadeiras ou speedboats.
Arriving at Cardoso Island by speedboats. Photo: Disclosure.

There are also speedboats, which have a much higher price, but you can reach Marujá in less than 1 hour. This transfer works on a capacity basis, that is, it will only leave towards the island when it has a certain number of passengers, usually with 4 already leaving.

Prices for speedboats vary greatly: depending on the number of people on the boat, the destination and the time of year.

Where to stay Cardoso Island

Despite being known among tourists as a rustic place, the island still has its charm. However, as much as it is a place with lush scenery, the inns and hotels are not the luxurious type. Quite the contrary, they focus on comfort, as well as avoiding causing severe damage to the forests with huge buildings.

The average price of a night in local accommodation varies between R$130 and R$300. However, in addition to the inns, the place has the option of camping. For backpackers who want to be more in touch with nature and at the same time save money. For travelers who choose this option, they can opt for a location that offers the main house as support, such as access to the bathroom and kitchen.


Ilha do Cardoso is a place for those looking for peace and wanting to be in contact with nature. There is no shortage of attractions when visiting the island. There are tours to waterfalls, mangroves, rocky shores, beaches, villages and much more. Now that you know how to get to the island, check out Things to do on Cardoso Island.

During high season and holidays, it is recommended to book the inn and tours in advance, as the number of visitors to the island is controlled.


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