Parque dos Falcões em Sergipe
Parque dos Falcões em Sergipe

Falcon Park in Sergipe

A world reference in the rehabilitation of birds of prey, Parque dos Falcões is a mandatory stop for lovers of these fascinating animals.

You’ve probably heard a lot of bad things about birds of prey, such as that some prey on humans and are omens of bad things. But, there is a place in the northeast of Brazil capable of taking this bad impression: Instituto Parque dos Falcões, located in Serra de Itabaiana, in the municipality of Itabaiana, 45 km ( 27 miles) from Aracaju (Sergipe).

Parque dos Falcões em Sergipe Falcon Park in Sergipe. Photo: Disclosure.

Founded in 2000 by José Percílio da Costa, better known as the “falcon charmer”, and Alexandre Correia, with the aim of protecting and rehabilitating abused birds of prey, the complex is one of the few authorized by IBAMA (Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources) to continue this work so important.

José Percílio da Costa, o
José Percílio da Costa,the “hawk charmer”. Photo: Disclosure.

Currently, the space of 3,500 km² is home to more than 300 species of birds, including hawks, owls, hawks, caracaras and many others. All duly baptized by Percílio, it is important to emphasize, who turned his childhood dream into reality.

Parque dos Falcões Falcon Park. Photo: Izalete Tavares.

At the age of 7, Percílio was given a caracará egg, which was hatched by a chicken – an improvisation made in a hurry by the boy himself so that the chick would be born healthy. It worked out. The caracara plancus named Tito was not only born and grew up strong and healthy, but is still alive at the age of 32 (and is his friend’s favorite, of course).

With his work that was born from a childhood dream and his unique sensitivity, today, the “falcon charmer” has become a world reference and travels the world giving lectures to share his knowledge.

How To Get To Falcon Park

To get to Parque dos Falcões from Aracaju, take the BR 235 Highway. After passing through the municipality of Areia Branca, at km 34, travel approximately 9 km (5 miles). On the right side, there is an indicative sign about the Institute. Take this road (the only part of the route that is not paved) and drive another 2.5 km (1 mile). Ready!


O que fazer no Parque dos Falcões Photo: Anabel Mello.

In Parque dos Falcões, in addition to activities aimed at ecotourism, nature tourism, reproduction and rehabilitation of birds of prey, training is also carried out in order to strengthen them and show visitors the importance of these animals as predators and a fundamental part of the fauna. .

At the end of the presentations, it is possible to photograph the animals in fist, accompanied by local guides. The docility of the animals is impressive. The name of this is love.


Before informing the values ​​to access Parque dos Falcões, it is important to point out that the place does not work in an exploratory way, but needs money to maintain itself and give quality of life to the animals. Check the values:

• Adults: BRL 25.

• Children up to 7 years old: free entrance

• Children from 8 to 12 years old: BRL 15.

Visits must be scheduled in advance and take place daily at 9am and 2pm. It is possible to make an appointment through the phones: (79) 99962-8396 / 99885-2522 / 99945-9020.

Also check out the park’s instagram @parquedosfalcoes

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