Ecoturismo em Niterói
Ecoturismo em Niterói

Ecotourism in Niterói: The 10 best destinations

Niterói is a coastal city located next to the capital of Cidade Maravilhosa, known for its beaches and rich history. However, in addition to these attractions, the city is also an ideal destination for ecotourism lovers.

Ecotourism in Niterói has a wide variety of ecological trails, hills and some wild beaches, it is a true paradise for those looking for contact with nature.

In this article, we present the 10 best ecotourism destinations in Niterói, so you can explore the city’s natural beauty.

Check out the 10 best Ecotourism tours in Niterói

1 – Itacoatiara Beach

Ecotourism in Niterói: Praia de Itacoatiara Beach.

Itacoatiara Beach is the most famous and beautiful beach in Niterói, it is ideal for those who want to relax and enjoy nature. Furthermore, the beach is surrounded by mountains, which provides an incredible panoramic view.

2 – Costão de Itacoatiara Trail

Ecoturismo em Niterói: Trilha Costão de Itacoatiara.
Costão de Itacoatiara Trail. Photo: @nayinpixels

Costão de Itacoatiara is a trail within the natural reserve in the Serra da Tiririca State Park, which offers an incredible experience for tourists seeking adventure and contact with nature, providing stunning views of the sea and mountains in the region.

The trail is also known as Morro do Tucum and access is via the Itacoatiara beach visitor center, making it a relatively easy route to the top of the hill.

  • Round trip length: 2 km – 1.24 mi
  • Height: 200 meters – 656ft
  • Estimated time to climb: 30 minutes

3 – Sossego Beach

Sossego Beach. Photo: @eurodrigoofficial

The small and paradisiacal Praia do Sossego has an international Blue Flag sustainability certificate. The program is accredited by the UN and UNESCO and recognizes beaches, marinas or vessels that have a high degree of environmental management and ecosystem preservation.

Praia do Sossego, known for being a “little secret” among local residents, preserves the peaceful atmosphere as it does not attract many outside visitors.

4 – Alto Mourão Trail

Alto Mourão Trail or Pedra do Elefante. Photo: Disclosure.

The Pedra do Elefante or Alto Mourão trail is one of the options for those looking for ecotourism in Niterói. It is located between the beaches of Itacoatiara (located in the municipality of Niterói) and Itaipuaçu (in the municipality of Maricá).

In good visibility conditions it is possible to see Cabo Frio Island and the Maricás Islands, as well as the Tiririca and Órgãos Mountains.

  • Round trip length: 4 km –  2.48 mile
  • Height: 412 meters – 1351ft
  • Estimated time to climb: 1h:30min – 2 hours

5 – Niterói City Park

Turismo de Natureza em Niterói: Parque da Cidade
Niterói City Park: Photo: Marcelo Paulo da Silva.

Parque da Cidade is an unmissable place to enjoy the sunset, with a viewpoint that offers spectacular views of the lagoons, beaches, bays and the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Located in an environmental preservation area at the top of Viração hill, the park is also a popular destination for hang gliding, with two ramps available.

  • Round trip length: 2 km – 1.24 mile.
  • Height: 270 meters – 885ft.
  • Estimated time to climb: 1 hour

6 – Morro Santo Inácio Trail

View of Guanabara Bay from the Morro Santo Inácio Trail. Photo: Disclosure.

The Morro Santo Inácio Trail is an easy trail, suitable for people of all ages who want to have a privileged view of the city. It starts at Parque da Cidade, close to Bosque dos Eucaliptos, and continues to the top of Morro Santo Inácio.

During the walk, it is possible to observe the exuberant nature of the region, in addition to seeing the main tourist attractions in Niterói, such as the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Rio-Niterói Bridge.

  • Round trip length: 3.5 km – 2.17 mile
  • Height: 348 meters – 1141ft
  • Estimated time to climb: 40 – 50 minutes

7 – Morro das Andorinhas Trail

Ecotourism in Niterói: Morro das Andorinhas Trail.

The Morro das Andorinhas Trail is easy and small, located in Itaipu, separating the beaches of Itaipu and Itacoatiara. This trail is divided into 2 stages, the first is a light walk of 25 minutes and the second is less known and takes around 40 minutes to reach the seaside, where it is possible to enjoy a beautiful landscape of Niterói and Rio de Janeiro. January

On the first stage of the Morro das Andorinhas Trail it is possible to take children and pets.

  • Round trip length: 2.5 km –
  • Height: 196 meters- 1.55 mile
  • Estimated time to climb: 50 minutes

8 – Tupinambá Crossing

Tupinambá crossing. Photo: Disclosure.

The Tupinambá Traverse is an intermediate trail that starts in São Francisco and ends in the Jardim Imbuí neighborhood, close to Lagoa de Piratininga.

Most of the walk is on flat terrain, without requiring much physical effort. To start the trail, just go to the Parque da Cidade viewpoint.

While walking the trail you will come across two viewpoints, Pedra Quebrada and Tapera, which offer incredible views of the Niterói Rim and Serra Carioca.

  • Round trip length: 7.5 km – 4.66 mile
  • Height: 270 meters – 885ft
  • Estimated time to climb: 2h:30min

9 – São Luiz Fort

Fort São Luiz. Photo: David Torres – DV Drone.

Built in the 17th century, Forte São Luiz is an important historical landmark in Niterói and one of the city’s main tourist destinations. Located on a hill overlooking Guanabara Bay, the fort offers a spectacular view of the city and has a beautiful forest around it.

10 – Charles Darwin Route

Charles Darwin Route. Photo: Brazilian Trails Network

The Charles Darwin Route is a trail named after the famous naturalist who visited the region in 1832. The trail that connects landscapes in the municipalities of Niterói and Maricá is part of the Brazilian Network of Long Course Trails and is more than 70 km long .

The Charles Darwin Route was created with the aim of providing visitors with the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of British naturalist Charles Darwin during his visit to Brazil. Furthermore, the route seeks to integrate the scenic beauty of the city, covering urban stretches and tourist attractions of the Niterói Municipal Natural Park (PARNIT) and the Serra da Tiririca State Park (PESET).


Niterói is a city that enchants with its natural beauty and offers a variety of opportunities for ecotourism. From paradisiacal beaches to challenging trails, there are options for all tastes and skill levels.


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