Passeios Imperdíveis em Curitiba
Passeios Imperdíveis em Curitiba

Ecotourism in Curitiba – 10 unmissable tours

Curitiba, known as the greenest city in Latin America and one of the most sustainable in the world, offers a multitude of opportunities for ecotourism. If you are planning a trip to this beautiful city, it is important to know that the parks and forests are some of the main local attractions. In this guide to ecotourism in Curitiba, we present 10 unmissable tours amid nature that you cannot miss exploring.

Ecotourism in Curitiba – 10 Unmissable Tours to Enjoy Nature

1. Curitiba Botanical Garden

Passeios Imperdíveis em Curitiba. Jardim Botânico de Curitiba Unmissable Tours in Curitiba. Curitiba Botanical Garden.

Curitiba, without a doubt, stands out for its countless postcards, but the Botanical Garden is, without a doubt, the jewel in the crown. Located on Av. Lothario Meissner, in the neighborhood of the same name, this green wonder is a mandatory stop for any visitor to the city.

Its greenhouse, inspired by London’s iconic Crystal Palace, is the main attraction and houses a variety of plants typical of the Atlantic forest. Inside this majestic greenhouse, a statue stands out, honoring World Habitat Day. While admiring the greenhouse from the outside is already an unforgettable experience, entering and contemplating the French Garden from its structure is something even more special.

No less important, the Botanical Museum of Curitiba deserves your attention. Ranking as the fourth largest herbarium in Brazil, it houses more than 400,000 plant samples, offering a comprehensive view of local biodiversity.

And for those looking for a unique sensory experience, Jardim das Sensações is the perfect place. Open from Tuesday to Sunday, this space invites visitors on a blindfolded journey, where touch and smell are your guides as you explore the site’s rich flora.

2. Tanguá Park

Passeios Imperdíveis em Curitiba: Parque Tanguá Tanguá Park.

In Curitiba, the greenest city in Latin America, it is difficult to name the most beautiful park, but Parque Tanguá, located in the Taboão neighborhood, is certainly at the top of the list. What began as a recycling plant for construction and industrial waste has turned into an unmissable attraction for tourists and locals alike.

Opened in 1996, Parque Tanguá plays a fundamental role in preserving the Barigui River basin, as its sources are located nearby. This charming place offers much more than just a stroll. Here, you can admire spectacular sunsets, explore viewpoints that offer stunning views, relax next to artificial waterfalls, walk along picturesque trails, explore mysterious caves and marvel at the lush gardens.

3. Tinguí Park

Passeios Imperdíveis em Curitiba: Parque Tinguí Unmissable Tours in Curitiba. Tinguí Park.

In the picturesque Pilarzinho neighborhood, Tinguí Park plays a fundamental role in preserving the Barigui river basin, being the third park created with this objective. This charming green space not only protects the environment but also offers a variety of attractions for all visitors.

Tinguí Park is affectionately known as the ‘Ukrainian Memorial Park’ due to its impressive memorial built in honor of Ukrainian immigrants. This memorial is one of the highlights of the park, with a shop offering Ukrainian objects and crafts for sale.

In addition to the memorial, the park also has serene lakes, trails surrounded by lush nature and sports courts for physical activity enthusiasts. A visit to Tinguí Park is an opportunity to immerse yourself in Ukrainian culture and the natural beauty that Curitiba has to offer.

4. Barigui Park

Passeios Imperdíveis em Curitiba: Parque Barigui Barigui Park.

Located in the charming Bigorrilho neighborhood, Parque Barigui is one of the most popular destinations in the state, attracting a crowd of visitors, especially on weekends, when it becomes the favorite meeting point for young people and welcomes people from all parts of the city.

Like the Tanguá and Tinguí parks, Barigui Park plays a vital role in protecting the Barigui river basin and its lush forest. It offers a variety of leisure activities that make it an unmissable location. From a skating rink to a space for model airplanes, including a gym, sports equipment, picturesque trails and barbecue areas for an outdoor barbecue. Additionally, the park has separate trails for walking, running and cycling, catering to all exercise enthusiasts.

A unique attraction at Parque Barigui is the Curitiba Automobile Museum, which makes it even more special for car lovers. Therefore, it’s a great idea to extend your visit to the museum after a day of fun at the park.

5. Passaúna Park

Parque Passaúna em Curitiba Passaúna Park. Photo: Disclosure.

Parque Passaúna, located in the charming Augusta neighborhood, is one of Curitiba’s hidden treasures, a little further away from the city center. Unlike other parks in the region, Parque Passaúna was not only created to preserve nature, but also to guarantee the quality of water from the Passaúna River dam, which is responsible for supplying a significant part of the city.

The natural beauty of Parque Passaúna and its serene atmosphere are simply captivating. In addition to offering a suitable environment for water activities, such as water sports, what really surprises is the spectacular view that can be enjoyed from the park’s viewpoint.

6. German Forest

Bosque do Alemão em Curitiba German Forest. Photo: Monique Renne.

Located in the picturesque Vista Alegre neighborhood, Bosque do Alemão is an exciting tribute to the German influence on Curitiba’s history. As you explore this special place, you’ll find a charming replica of the facade of a house built by German immigrants, a touching reminder of these settlers’ contributions to the city. Additionally, a replica of a Presbyterian church, also built by these immigrants, offers a fascinating glimpse into the history of the German community in Curitiba.

7. Papa’s Forest

Passeios Imperdíveis em Curitiba: Bosque do Papa Papa’s forest.

Located in the heart of the Civic Center, the Pope’s Forest received its name after the illustrious visit of Pope John Paul II. During his stay, the Pope entered one of the seven typical Polish houses that are now part of the grove and led an emotional mass. This house where he celebrated mass was transformed into a beautiful chapel that houses the image of the patron saint of Poland.

Exploring Bosque do Papa is embarking on a unique journey through the history of Polish immigration in Curitiba. In the preserved houses, you will find a rich collection of objects used by Polish immigrants, including traditional costumes and other artifacts. Additionally, a portion of the grove is dedicated to the Polish Memorial, a tribute to the city’s influential Polish community..

8. Zaninelli Forest

Bosque Zaninelli, Curitiba. Zaninelli Forest. Photo: Monique Renne.

Bosque Zaninelli, located in the Pilarzinho neighborhood and opened in 1992, is a green treasure with more than 37,000 m², which was previously a quarry. Its emergence is intrinsically linked to the founding of UNILIVRE (Free University of the Environment), an independent institution dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge about the environment and ecology. Curitiba was one of the first cities in the world to establish a space dedicated to environmental education, and UNILIVRE deserves all the credit for this pioneering initiative.

The beauty of Bosque Zaninelli is breathtaking, making it the ideal place for peaceful walks or even a pleasant picnic. The university campus was built with eucalyptus logs from reforestation sources, highlighting the commitment to sustainability. If you want a stunning panoramic view of the landscape, go up to the viewpoint and enjoy the view, including from the university classrooms.

9. Bacacheri Park

Parque Bacacheri, Curitiba.
Bacacheri Park. Photo: Disclosure.

Parque Bacacheri is a true refuge for families who want to enjoy peaceful and fun moments during weekends and holidays. Despite attracting a good number of visitors, the park maintains a pleasantly serene atmosphere, far from excessive excitement.

Inside the park, you will find a variety of leisure options, including areas for relaxing walks, fitness equipment for the more active, barbecue areas for a tasty family barbecue, a charming playground for children and even sand courts for lively games. of sports. Bacacheri Park is the ideal place to combine fun and tranquility in the middle of nature.

10. Lago Azul Park

Parque Lago Azul, Curitiba. Lago Azul Park, Curitiba. Photo: Disclosure.

Located in the Umbará neighborhood, Parque Lago Azul is one of the most sought after by tourists and even Curitiba residents. At the entrance to the park, you will find a portal completely decorated with coconut trees that was designed to direct you to a wooden viewpoint, from which the view is stunning over the lake.

Located in the Umbará neighborhood, Parque Lago Azul is a true jewel among the destinations sought after by tourists and residents of Curitiba. Right at the entrance to the park, you will be greeted by a charming portal, adorned with coconut trees, which serves as an invitation to explore the nearby wooden viewpoint. From here, you will have the opportunity to admire a truly stunning view of the lake.


The Unmissable Tours in Curitiba amidst nature offer a unique experience for those who wish to reconnect with the natural environment, explore stunning parks and forests, and appreciate the diversity of fauna and flora that the city has to offer. Curitiba stands out as an ideal destination for Nature Tourism, where tranquility and natural beauty are in harmony, providing visitors with unforgettable moments of contemplation and adventure amid the region’s exuberant nature.

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