Curiosidades sobre a Floresta da Tijuca.
Curiosidades sobre a Floresta da Tijuca.

Discover 18 Curiosities about the Tijuca Forest

Discover the Natural Wonder: 18 Fascinating Curiosities about the Tijuca Forest

If you are a nature lover and love traveling, the Tijuca Forest, in Rio de Janeiro, is a destination that cannot be missed on your list. With a rich history and impressive biodiversity, this national park offers a stone jungle experience intertwined with lush nature. We have prepared for you 18 interesting facts about the Tijuca Forest that will make your visit even more interesting and enriching.

18 Curiosities about the Tijuca Forest

Passeios Imperdíveis no Rio de Janeiro. Cristo Redentor
Curiosities about the Tijuca Forest.

1. Origins of Protection: The Tijuca Forest gave rise to the Tijuca National Park due to its incredible wealth of flora and fauna, making it a protected area.

2. The Second Largest Urban Forest in the World: Although many think it is the largest, the Tijuca Forest is actually the second largest urban forest in the world. The largest is in Pedra Branca Park, in the West Zone of the city.

3. Millions of Visitors: More than 3 million people visit the Tijuca Forest annually, fascinated by its unique beauty.

4. World Heritage Site: In 1991, UNESCO declared the park a World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve due to its 120 square kilometers of wooded area.

5. Stunning Trails: With 200 kilometers of trails available for practice, the Tijuca Forest is a paradise for trekking and adventure lovers.

6. Christ the Redeemer: The majestic Christ the Redeemer stands amid the exuberant nature of the Tijuca Forest, being one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.

7. Pedra da Gávea: At 844 meters high, Pedra da Gávea is the largest rocky block by the sea in the world.

8. History of Exploitation: In the 17th and 18th centuries, the forest was intensively exploited, leading to a shortage of trees.

9. The Rescue of Nature: In 1861, D. Pedro II declared the Tijuca Forest as a “Protective Forest”, vacating areas from inappropriate occupations and beginning reforestation work.

10. Heroic Reforestation: Under the order of D. Pedro II, 100 thousand trees were replanted in 13 years, revitalizing the forest.

11. Rich Fauna: The Tijuca Forest is home to 63 species of medium and small mammals, including the jaguar and the tapir.

12. Winged Diversity: With 226 species of birds, highlighting the Black-billed Toucan and the Seven-Colored Tanager.

13. Mysterious Amphibians: 39 species of amphibians are found in the Tijuca Forest.

14. Surprising Reptiles: With 31 species of reptiles, the diversity continues to impress.

15. Plant Diversity: Tijuca National Park is home to 1,619 plant species, with 433 of them threatened with extinction.

16. Breathtaking Landscapes: The relief of the Tijuca Forest features rugged mountains and rocks, including iconic points such as Pico da Tijuca, Corcovado and Pedra da Gávea.

17. Rivers and Waterfalls: In addition to trails and mountains, the Tijuca Forest has rivers such as Maracanã, Carioca and Córrego da Pedra Bonita, as well as enchanting waterfalls.

18. The Legend of Pedra da Gávea: Did you know that the first documented and photographed record of a UFO in Brazil occurred near the imposing Pedra da Gávea.


The Tijuca Forest is a natural treasure that combines history, biodiversity and stunning landscapes. Whether you want to walk the trails, explore the waterfalls or simply admire nature, this destination is a true jewel of Rio de Janeiro.


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