Núcleo Casa de Pedra e a caverna com o maior pórtico do mundo
Núcleo Casa de Pedra e a caverna com o maior pórtico do mundo

Casa de Pedra Visitation Center – PETAR – Ecotourism

PETAR is one of the best ecotourism routes in Brazil and is registered as a UNESCO National Heritage Site. It is located between the municipalities of Apiaí and Iporanga in the south of the State of São Paulo.

The Stone House Core Cave has the largest portico in the world

One of the best-known points in the entire park is the Gruta da Casa de Pedra, with a 216-meter (708ft) portal, it is the largest portal in the world, in Núcleo Casa de Pedra.

As with the other PETAR centers, to take the tour of the Casa de Pedra Center you must be accompanied by a local guide.

Entry into the Casa de Pedra Cave is currently prohibited for safety reasons, as a few years ago there was a fatal accident with a group of tourists and the guide due to a waterspout caused by rain.

No matter how difficult the trail is, all the effort will be worth it. At the end of the journey, it wasn’t enough to contemplate the imposing portico of the Caverna da Casa de Pedra, along the way you will also be enchanted by a practically untouched part of the Atlantic Forest, the richness of the The fauna and flora of this region attract a lot of attention and you will certainly realize that the effort will have been worth it.




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