Núcleo Caboclos no PETAR.
Núcleo Caboclos no PETAR.

Caboclos Visitation Center – PETAR – Ecotourism

The Caboclos Center was the first nucleus open to visitors since PETAR became a State Park in 1958. The headquarters of the nucleus is located in the Espírito Santo neighborhood, on the border between the municipalities of Apiaí and Iporanga.

This is the only PETAR center that allows camping, there are exclusive areas such as bathrooms, laundry facilities and a dedicated environment for preparing food.

Check out the Main Tourist Attractions in Caboclos Visitation Center (Núcleo Caboclos)

Hat Trail (Trilha do Chapéu)

The Chapéu Trail – With a length of 700 meters (2296ft) in the middle of the preserved Atlantic Forest, the trail has a half-flat and half-steep path that leads to Pedra do Chapéu, an immense block of solid granite with an oval shape, surrounded by rocks of limestone.

The tour lasts an average of one hour and has a low level of difficulty, perfect for breathing fresh air and exercising your body well.

Maximiano Trail (Trilha do Maximiano)

The Maximiano Trail – This trail takes us to the most beautiful waterfalls in PETAR, Cachoeira de Maximiano and Cachoeira Sete Reis. The entire trail is surrounded by the natural beauty of the Atlantic Forest, with natural pools and crystal clear waters.

Hat Rock (Pedra do Chapéu)

Caverna do Chapéu no Núcleo Caboclos, PETAR.
Hat Cave. Photo: Antonio Bordignon (Wikipedia)

Pedra do Chapéu – An incredible rock formation almost entirely made of granite and angular stones, a true monument sculpted by nature.

Maximiano and Sete Reis Waterfall (Cachoeira Maximiano e Sete Reis)

Cachoeira Sete Reis no Núcleo Caboclos, PETAR.
Caboclos Center: Cachoeira Sete Reis. Photo: @emersongerioli

Maximiano and Sete Reis Waterfalls – According to some visitors and residents of the region, these are the two most beautiful waterfalls in all of PETAR. With clear waters and inviting natural pools, the waterfalls are a mandatory stop when visiting Núcleo Caboclos.

Temimina Cave or Grotto (Caverna ou Gruta Temimina)

Gruta Temimina no Núcleo Caboclos, PETAR.
Temimina Cave. Photo: Ricardo Martinelli

The Temimina Cave or Grotto – It is believed that it was formerly inhabited by Indians. The cave is made up of two caves: Temimina Cave I and Temimina Cave II.


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