Aripuanã: A paradise in the Mato Grosso Amazon

Located 950 km ( 590 miles) from Cuiabá, in the middle of the Amazon biome, Aripuanã stands out as a tourist destination that offers a true oasis of nature. With its dense forest, the city is a paradise for birdwatching, in addition to having stunning natural beauty, which makes it a special destination for ecotourism and adventure tourism.

In Aripuanã, the natural landscapes are worthy of a postcard, with imposing stone walls cutting through the landscape, crystalline rivers and beautiful waterfalls that enchant nature lovers. The city is located in the Vale do Juruena Tourist Region and is an ideal place for those looking to be in contact with nature and enjoy moments of adventure in a welcoming and peaceful environment.

Things to do in Aripuanã

Birdwatching in Aripuanã

Observação de aves em Aripuanã
Birdwatching in Aripuanã. Photo: Disclosure.

Aripuanã ranks fifth in Brazil with the highest number of cataloged birds. The Pouso Milagroso Sanctuary is one of the best places to observe macaws, swallows, toucans, parrots and other birds.

Resorts in Aripuanã

Balneário Oásis em Aripuanã.
Balneário Oasis in Aripuanã. Photo: Disclosure.

The city also has several spas ideal for bathing, such as Balneário Oásis, one of the favorite places of residents, which offers free access, sports courts, kiosks, restaurant, camping area and dozens of waterfalls. Balneário Primavera, on the other hand, is ideal for practicing tubing in the rapids, offering tranquility and points of contemplation in the middle of the native forest.

Jumps and Waterfalls in Aripuanã

Salto das Andorinhas Waterfall, Aripuanã. Photo: Walter Von Eye.

The complex Salto Dardanelos and Andorinhas are a set of waterfalls and one of the main attractions of Aripuanã. They are one of the most impressive waterfalls in Brazil, about 100 meters (328 ft) high and with a large volume of water. The site is made up of several falls, the main ones being the Andorinhas waterfall, named after the large presence of these birds in the falls, and Salto Dardanelos.


That perfect place for trails.

Aripuanã offers several options for ecotourism and adventure tourism, such as trails and surrounding roads that offer unique views of waterfalls, crystal clear rivers and stunning rock formations.

The main trails are Salto das Andorinhas, Salto Dardanelos, Cachoeira dos Namorados, Balneário Oásis and Balneário Primavera. Aripuanã is a complete and ideal tourist destination for those who want to connect with nature and enjoy moments of adventure in a welcoming and peaceful environment.

Water sports

The river that gives its name to the city of Aripuanã is rich in fish and its natural pools are an attraction for residents and tourists. The waters of the river are ideal for practicing various water sports, such as rafting, buoy cross and canoeing.

How to get to Aripuanã

Getting to Aripuanã may not be as simple as in other tourist towns. If you are coming from Cuiabá, the most common way to arrive is by car. There are about 795 km (493 miles) of paved road, followed by another 203 km (126 miles) of dirt road to the city.

For those who prefer to travel by bus, there are Expresso Vampeta companies that make the journey from Cuiabá to Aripuanã for R$ 200. However, it is important to check the availability of timetables and make a reservation in advance.

Another option to get to Aripuanã is by air taxi from the ASTA company, but it is the most expensive option.

When to visit Aripuanã

If you are interested in getting to know the waterfalls in the region through trails and bathing in them, the ideal period is between August and November, when it is safer and more peaceful to walk around. If your intention is to enjoy the waterfalls with the largest volume of water, the best period is from December to July.


Aripuanã is a city with huge tourist potential. Surrounded by stunning landscapes, rivers and waterfalls, the municipality is perfect for adventure lovers. In addition to enjoying baths in several rivers and spas, visitors can venture out on trails that lead to incredible places.


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